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Start Balancing Book Launch Party: Thank you to our sponsors!

This book launch has been a long time coming and I could not have done it without the support of my tribe, and the companies who are excited to be a part of this journey with me! I must admit when I think of the word Balance there are companies, services, apps, people and things in my life that all make things happen.
If you are reading this, thank you for being part of my tribe and for being here to celebrate this launch with me, while also benefitting a great cause. Thank you to the sponsors who believed in me while also making an impact on the lives of others. I want to share a few thoughts on each of them with you all so that you can fall in love with these amazing companies, just like I have!
 For the book launch party tomorrow all of these companies will have a part. They either have samples in the swag bags for everyone who attends or are part of the charity auction! Yes, get excited because these companies are amazing!
Treat yourself AND treat your skin! It’s a win win! And what better way to treat your skin than with a safe, 100% cruelty free sheet mask. Ladies and gents this is not your typical face mask. This is a sheet mask that brightens and energizes your skin, leaving you with radiant and “balanced” skin. Check, and check! And not to worry, all of their products are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, and Triclosan… which for me is a BIG deal. And they are also dermatologist tested and are totally transparent about the ingredients in their products. It might slightly scare my kids when I wear them… but I am totally okay with that… they need it!
This one is near and dear to my heart. I had the privilege of working with Jennifer a couple years ago and I am stoked to share her beautiful jewelry with you all. Much of Jennifer’s business is rooted in family history and it’s what makes each piece of jewelry she touches that much more meaningful. Jennifer is also local to Cumming, GA and we are all about supporting other small local businesses. Jennifer made custom bracelets that say “Hustle”, “Be Happy”, and of course “Balance”. Whatever season of life I am in, I like to have something to remind me of what I am working on or towards… without it being permanently engraved on my skin. Seasons change… this season, it’s “Hustle Time”; next season, I’m striving for “Simplicity.”
I love sending handwritten notes to my accountability partners and close friends, just to let them know I appreciate them. The gift of handwritten notes is dwindling away as cell phones are at our fingertips and text messages are sent without a second thought. And if you know me well you know that I am not artistic. When I need something colorful and creative I call on Jenny, my business partner. So these beautiful hand illustrated coloring note cards are perfect for me! All I need to do is stay inside the lines, which I think I can handle 😉 So send your accountability partner an encouraging note to tell them you are thinking of them, and have a little fun in the process as you spice it up with some color! “Find your tribe. Love them hard.”
So, like I said, I am NOT artistic, but if you aren’t either it’s okay. Tombow totally has you covered! I love using Tombow’s Rollerball Pen and highlighters to schedule out my day in my planner. I go the more simplistic route. But if you are someone who loves to doodle, hand letter, or schedule out your day by color, then Tombow has something for you too! Planning out your day and time-blocking will enable you to be more efficient with your time, which will ultimately lead to a more productive lifestyle. So whether you need highlighters, colored markers, or a good old fashioned pen to make this happen, Tombow will help you get started.
Do you know how many glasses of water you drank yesterday? What about today? Staying properly hydrated is essential so that our bodies can do what we want. Dehydration has been shown to impair judgment and motor performance, and lead to a negative mood. So start your day with water! If you are someone who struggles to drink water and needs a little flavoring to help you get it down, then these True Citrus packets will change your life! All True Citrus products are made with ingredients that you can pronounce, with citrus juices and oils (which is what gives them their fresh-squeezed taste, have low calories, low sugar, and contain NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, gluten or sodium. HOLLA!! So drink up and hydrate!
A “balanced” diet is a peanut butter cup in each hand, right!?! I do strive to stick to a balanced diet. I’m very mindful of what I eat, but every now and then I like to treat myself to a little something. Moderation is key, right? Homegirl loves her some chocolate and these Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups by Justin’s are to die for. When I am looking for a little splurge these are a clean way to enjoy some sweetness in my life with organic chocolate! I love their peanut butter cups but they have so many amazing other treats too!  *warning overeating can happen and moderation can quickly go out the door #speakingfromexpierence
Calling all book worms or anyone who needs that extra push in the tush to get started! This book, Start Balancing, has been a labor of love. So curl up in that cozy corner of your house you found earlier, sip some quality tea in your new hustle mug, and get inspired! Balance your life, live with intention, and make the best of every single day!
A fun evening wouldn’t be complete without STARTplanner, am I right? A STARTplanner makes a great companion to Start Balancing. So grab yourself a copy of each and start planning for 2018 as you focus on getting organized, becoming more balanced, and living a life of intentional moments! As most of you know I am the CEO of this company and, I must say, I am pretty darn stoked and proud of all this company has done in two short years! #ladybosses
Like I said earlier, moderation is key! At times I’m not always craving something with chocolate, so these caramels are my go to. And these aren’t just any ol’ caramels you can pick up at the grocery store. I don’t know what Nicole puts in these things but they are without a doubt the best salted caramels I have ever had. It’s the perfect “balance” of salt and caramel! And these also make great gifts for any holiday!
We all know how important physical health is to maintaining balance and that’s what FlyWheel is all about. Whether you’re pushing your limits on a bike or at the barre, I promise you will tap into power and motivation like nothing else! FlyWheel’s boutique fitness experience is a treat but will also produce some SERIOUS results! I love their sleek, modern studio at Avalon. Give it a try on us! We have TEN SESSIONS for you to bid on!
Oh Athleta, how we love thee. I have always loved Athleta clothing, but have you ever read about their mission and values? “Our mission is to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential.” Ummm…YES PLEASE! The more you know about Athleta and their community outreach, the more you will love them. Athleta is so much more than awesome clothing, and we are THRILLED to be connected with such a great company!
How lucky are we to have the first Happy Belly storefront moving right into our neighborhood!?! You might find me camping out at their front door while we wait for their grand opening in Vickery. CEO Dawn Hall has a moving story to tell and her passion for good quality, farm-to-street food is absolutely awesome. I’ve been keeping an eye on their progress and can’t wait to get in there for a date night or just some “grab-and-go!” I know this is going to be a go-to stop for me and my family!
Jill and Sydney (mom and daughter) run the sweetest little flower shop in our area and these ladies are talendted!!!  Their team can create just about anything and it is guaranteed to make your life a little more beautiful. Treat yourself to a bouquet or just go in to pet their furry greeters. You’ll love it!
There is nothing better for balance that having a hobby or creative outlet. Taking the time to tap into your “right brain” has benefits for firing up the left brain too! Its all about balance, after all. [wink, wink] Pinterest has come to life in Vickery Village and I love their inspiring space for all kinds of fun projects. I suspect there may just be a battle for the Splatter Experience gift card they have offered us! Who doesn’t love to make a mess and have someone else clean it up? This place is great for ladies night out, date night, or even for kids to get their craft on!
14. Brits
Brits just does men’s clothing right. There are just some businesses that GET IT and Brits is one of them. From the rustic industrial decor of her shop, to the quality goods inside her shop, Debbie has nailed it. Along with keeping local dudes (big and little) looking fly, we love her jewelry lines and, of course, we are hitting up Brits to keep our drinks cold in Yeti. Brits offers the perfect locally owned, personal shopping experience that we love.
One of life’s biggest challenges is balancing family time with career time, right? Well, let me suggest arming yourself with some of the perfectly planned products from The Phase Shop in Vickery Village. They have thoughtfully considered every stage of your kids’ lives and presented it all in a perfect little package within the walls of their shop. And when you’re done shopping, hang out at The Commons…a gathering place for family and friends. And may I suggest these Legacy Marbles for your family or anyone you know with kids. You hear me talk a lot about creating intentional moments with your family, and these marbles will remind you to do just that. These marbles are GREAT shower gifts!
Yum. Yum. Yum. I have a hard time maintaining balance in my appetite and my budget at Gabby’s, a fellow woman-owned company that I just love!  May I suggest filling your kitchen with absolutely everything from Gabby’s??? My mouth is watering just writing about the incredible oils and vinegars in their local store. It is no wonder they won The Best of Forsyth 2016 Award!
Who better to keep our bodies in balance than Dr. Kristin Marchman? Are you pregnant? Are you an athlete? Are you just out of balance? Check in with our friend Kristin for an adjustment or a massage with one of her massage therapists and bring that balance back to your physical self. She will take care of you from top to bottom…and happens to be an essential oils guru too! I am all about Young Living Oils and treating myself and my family with natural choices when possible.
I learned about Emily Harris Art just by walking into some of the most beautiful homes in Vickery. After meeting Emily we realized we are the same age, from the same town, and have a lot of the same friends! Her work is beautiful and I am  THRILLED to have two of her pieces in our charity auction. To know Emily’s art is to love it. Her talent has been recognized as a “Gold List – Top Contemporary Artists of Today” by Art Market Magazine and we are not at all surprised. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and allow yourself the pleasure of stepping into her online gallery.

I am all about clean healthy air and a cool home! Lowery Mechanical is a local owned HVAC company and I have personally used Bryan and his team for our STARTplanner offices, for my home both with HVAC and air purifiers, and with building Dickerson Hill. When you find a company you CAN trust that gives fair prices you just want to scream at the rooftop sharing it with everyone. If you have been interested in adding air purifiers to your home or you need a new HVAC give them a call!!! Obviously from this picture above… I am not equipped to handle any HVAC needs! haha

So to recap… the Launch event is tomorrow October 5th at Nido! You can get your ticket HERE! There will be an auction with all these amazing companies items too! Reminder all proceeds from this event and the auction go two amazing local charities.
In the Swag Bags everyone will be getting.
  • A Start Balancing Book (of course)
  • Custom makeup bag from STARTplanner and Start Balancing (YASSSS)
  • STARTplanner bestie and Be Happy Pencil
  • Bio Repulbic face mask to try and love!
  • Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • Gabby’s Olive Oil Sample
  • Lowery Mechanical coupon for any HVAC needs
  • Maggie Claire Design gold cuff bracelet!
  • Tombow MONO Air Correction Tape, MONO Adhesive+, TwinTone Dual Tip Marker in Emerald Green and TwinTone Dual Tip Marker in Navy
  • True Citrus Sample Packs of Drink Sticks
  • The Simple Palette hand illustrated card & colored pencils
  • 1 Free Class at Flywheel
  • Lavander Oil sample from Dr. Kristen Marchman
  • 2 salted caramels from The Caramel Jar

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