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Data obsessed and a risk-taker with things my heart wants. Detail obsessed when it comes to systems. Passion driven, and a lover of deep conversations to try and understand the what and why underneath all the layers. Blessed to be a mom to three unique boys, and yes, I like to change my hair often! Thankful for His grace and plan for my life.

My boys 


(GAYTON Formerly Kristy Dickerson)

I am not just one thing!
I bet you are not either! 

I believe we all have a story. One of redemption, of joy. And we are all here with a purpose. We just need to listen to that inner voice and act. Easy has not been my path or my story, but I am grateful for it all. If you are reading this, know that the end goal of this entire site and everything I do is to leave a positive mark—whether it is through inspiration, pivotal shifts, or even just helping you find a space to connect and fit. That’s it.

It is the hard and the depth to my journey that has refined me, molded my heart, and ingrained in me a deep purpose. I don't have all the answers, but I do know that I am going to spend my days using the gifts I have been given. I am immensely grateful for this life, and I am honored to be able to help other entrepreneurs channel their focused efforts to create a greater abundance of time and resources. None of this was my plan for my own life, but it is His, and I am going to keep stepping up with palms open. I am grateful that you are here. 

Entrepreneur, Productivity Expert, Business Coach, Finance Nerd, Dreamer, Overachiever, Lover of Design, Adventure, Coffee and Cuddling

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Over 14 years of sharing, writing, growing, and documenting pieces of my journey… When I started my wedding photography business in 2009, I started this blog at the same time, as a way to connect.  




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