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5 Tips For Garage Organization

This space has been the dump zone for over a year! Filled with unpacked boxes, projects, and just clutter. My son, I won’t mention which one(lol), dropped a gallon of dark oil-based paint. It wasn’t the end of the world I eventually wanted to do the garage, but this kicked it into overdrive. Don’t tell him, 😉 but I am glad it happened now! This was a game-changer!

Go listen to the podcast of me sharing all the details of the how and the what! If organization and this post doesn’t make you happy we can’t be friends! 😉 I wanted to do this post to answer questions that would be asked! But for sure tune in and listen to this podcast here!

Summary of Garage Sources:

Okay, here it is!!! Doesn’t this just make you happy?!?! And yes I got a new car! And doesn’t the new car look so good in her new home!? Yes, we named her “Iris”.

Yes, it was a two-day project. Day one. We got everything out and sorted! My kids loved this part… 😉

The easiest thing was to put everything on the front porch, take inventory, sort, and declutter while they did the floors!

Then what is needed could go back in and I also ordered any additional organizational items needed at this point! When I took the picture on the left I didn’t have the chore chart in yet. It sits above the shoes and is perfect.

Just makes me so happy… and those clips/hangers are life!

It really has made such a difference cleaning up this space! I now love driving in! It has been over 4 years since I have had a garage that has not felt like a construction zone! This space is now an extension of our home and it has made all the difference I think for us all!

Hope you guys love this, find this inspirational and make a plan to get your garage organized if it is on your to-do list! Just make it happen, I wish I did sooner! Don’t tell me son… but I am now grateful he dropped the gallon of paint and kicked my booty into gear to get this project done! 🙂


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