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5 Tips For Goal Setting!

I am a visionary. I see things in the future and it is those visions that have me putting actionable steps, and just going for it! So today, on the blog, I just wanted to talk about Visions and Goals and why they are essential. Why planning in general for making strides on your dreams is so important. I use my STARTplanner, but I am not here to sell you a thing. If you are better planning digitally, then stick to that. I do a combo of paper and digital, but for me, I need that pen and paper for accountability.

I am looking back on my 2019 vision board and how I planned my year a lot did not shake out the way I expected it. But you know what, a lot did and even some areas better than I planned. You don’t just plan on January 1st. You have a vision. You plan, and you go for it. You visit it often. You have someone (or multiple people) hold you accountable. Quarterly, monthly, weekly, you look for lessons, adjust, and keep going. Don’t get me wrong, January 1st is a GREAT reset point sure….but it is an ongoing process!
2020 Goals, Visions, and Planning STARTs now! 5 tips on getting ready for 2020 are on the blog! 

  1. Visions for multiple areas of your life. It is why we have a vision board in our planners. It just helps to layout things that inspire you! What you want. Etc. Take some time to step away. I believe you follow your heart here and put things you know you want to do and habits you know your life needs.
  2. Do this with someone else who knows you! We don’t always see ourselves in other lights and can’t see a broader vision. We have fears or not enough experience that holds us back. Have someone help to layout your visions and goals and they can then become your accountability. This might be multiple people for different areas of your life.
  3. Check-ins: Life changes, goals shift and even visions shift. We should all be constantly evolving and changing (THAT IS GROWTH). As I said January 1st is a fresh clean slate and a great time to realign but check-in and constantly be looking at your goals!
  4. I talk about it in my book and we talk about it in our planners. SMART goals! If you don’t make them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based they will not be as effective.
  5. Say no to complacency. We are creatures of habit and complacency. Things out of comfort zones can be scary. If you are not reaching for visions and goals outside of your comfort areas you are not growing. You have to get used to not being complacent!

Stop saying “I’ll start Monday. In the New Year. Next Week. Next Month.” We are all on borrowed time and in this the things you do and plan for now that happen in the future! It IS the things that you are implementing now in 2019 in a way of small changes that will affect your 2020! There are some things I wish shook out different. But life is living, learning, and moving forward!

LET’S GO! Let’s finish out 2019 strong!


If you want more tips on doing a vision board you can see this post here!

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