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Beach Trip 2015

9 years ago I invited this man I just met to come down to the beach for a few days. Every year, since I was a little girl, my family has taken a family beach trip with some of our closet friends and family. I had only known Jeremy for about 2 weeks at this point, but before I knew it, I headed to the beach and he quickly followed. I remember long beach walks and falling in love on dreams and ideas of what our life could be like. He couldn’t stay the whole trip, so after he left he had someone hand deliver me a rose…. TO THE BEACH…. with a gift for every day that we were apart.

Looking back we were crazy, probably a little stupid, and in love. 🙂 A week after that beach trip he got down on one knee and asked me to become his wife. This was all in July of 206 and we were married in October 7, 2006… 3 months later. WEW!!!! Yes, I know… cray cray. I wanted to open with this story and this picture. We had our pictures taken in this very same spot 9 years ago… young, in love, and crazy.

9 years later this is us… we have grown a little huh!?!?! 3 perfect little boys and looking back I probably had no idea what I was getting myself in to. I probably wasn’t ready to be married, but it was the best decision (irrationally) I ever made. I know that I love him more now than I did on that beach 9 years ago. I am so thankful for the family we have, the life we have built, and the support that he has given me on every level.

AND I AM SOOO proud of our three boys!

It is just crazy to me how quickly someone’s life can change. Roman is 7, August 3, and Silas was 4 months old.

Roman and August both love having Silas around… now that 🙂

This year I noticed a huge change in Roman at the beach. He no longer wanted to run around with “mom and dad”, but wanted to do his own thing with his cousins. Makes me said because I realized that he is growing up.

This kid is a riot! He is hilarious and had such a blast! I feel like I need to do a post all the different places that he slept. He would go WIDE OPEN… and then would crash randomly and sleep in the ocean, on people, in the sand… where-ever! He is at such an awesome age!

Our little man Silas cut two teeth right before we headed to the beach! It is so crazy to me that are other boys always had such dark features/hair and he is still holding strong with strawberry blonde hair.

My little “monk monk”.

We attempted to get a group family picture while everyone was together. This is my parents. My older brother and his family, my family, and my two younger brothers.

Success…. 🙂

My bros. Yes I have 3 sons, and 3 brothers… do you see why I was meant for boys. I am a little rough around the edges because of these dudes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This picture still cracks me up…. I could just post all these pictures that are beautiful and polished… but this is more normal. Mom yelling, dad gripping, and someone arguing. I set my camera and Charm was snapping pictures… I am so thankful she kept snapping to show a more normal image.

All the grandkids. If this picture right here doesn’t make my mother happy I don’t know what will. ALL of them are looking!

Here are some candids from the trip!

LOVE the picture of August no the right…. Such a little ham!

His classic… “are you kiddin me look.”

Silas is such a trouper. Coming into a family with two loud older brothers and a family on the move… he is rocked it. And clearly he is rocking these shades right.

See his two teeth!

First time with toes in the sand!

This image is with the Go Pro. Will have to do a full review on go pro and post a blog post! We are heading out for one more trip and plan to use it and I hope to be more use to using it to give it a fair review 🙂

Charm went along with our crazy crew to help out with the boys. She was fabulous and all my kids LOVED her! Especially August… “mom she is my gurlfend.”

Another shot with the Go Pro. These are just some of my favorites… here is a video of all the images and VIDEOS that we captured combining my camera and the Go Pro pictures and video. SUCH A FUN TRIP that I look forward to every year!
Until next year! 🙂


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