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He Can Light Up a Room: 7 Months

I can not believe it! 7 months…. AND we now have a completely mobile baby! It is no longer lay him on the ground and snap a few pictures. 🙂 If you sit him down he is gone! He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything! This past month we have had to drop his baby bed down in height, baby proof the house (again), and gently remind(over and over) the older brothers to keep their toys put up! 🙂

This baby…. I swear he can light up a room! When he smiles…. he smiles with his whole body and I can’t believe 7 months has already went by! So when you have a mobile baby how do you get pictures then you ask? You trap them of course! 😉 Use props or things in the baby’s room to contain and distract them!

The biggest brown eyes! I see both Roman and August here!

Ohhhhh and yeah…. He now has four teeth on top! 🙂 So he can bite!

I mean… doesn’t that smile make you smile!

Photography tip. Get different angles!

Straight through to my heart….

Something that I didn’t realize is how intentional I would have to be with scheduling time with the older two when you have three kids! This past week I had a movie date with them and now Roman I am taking alone for a bit, then August tomorrow. Something that when you have two kids or less you can divide and conquer. When you have a litter of kids(joking) you have to schedule it out to make it happen!

Happy Hump Day!

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