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New Name- Still Me! Gayton

Hi! I changed my name back to my given (maiden) name! The Gayton’s may not want me (lol)… but they got me back… for now anyways… 😜

As someone who has coached businesses for over a decade, changing a “brand name” is not really something I would recommend as a smart business move after over 10 years of brand building… links, credibility, book author, searches, social media, brand awareness… I mean you name it. I am known as KD or Kristy Dickerson to a lot of people.

That is the thing though isn’t??? Fully stepping in a direction and vibrating the change you need everywhere! I see a clear vision and for me. What will be meant for me from here will find me. Business-wise if it hurts or causes confusion, that is okay. 🙂 Homegirl is just getting started!

You guys saw step one converting my personal brand from my name to STARTwithKristy. Step two is a wave of Kristy Dickerson is now Kristy Gayton. Which we are still in the process of doing!

I have been getting phone calls, texts, messages, and all the things of why since I did it on social media a couple of days ago! Why after over two years this choice? What about your brand? What if you ever marry again? What if….

Almost everyone I know has advised again it.

I decided to screenshot my email answer to fully explain “my why”! Know I appreciate people looking out for me… but what if we just did what we fully wanted without influence from the wrong areas? Did what we wanted regardless of the impact? Regardless of what others will think? Regardless of what society, or religion, or even family members think?

Here is my full explanation so I am not explaining it over and over. 🙂

Per my name. Know I have given this a lot of thought and careful consideration. And it is also BS… HAHA I have to pay that much now to change the name and it is this much of a hassle. I should have done it over two years ago originally but again it is all in my own timing and authenticity as well. So it is what it is. 

It will for sure, probably impact my business. Under that name, I wrote a book, high searchability, features in major publications. I built a brand around my name for a decade. I am 100% proud of the work and lessons I learned and did under that name. That piece of me will always live on in each of my boys and in my work as part of my story. I rolled my brand name a couple of months ago from Kristy Dickerson to STARTwithKristy. I kept my name for my kids and for my brand. But I am not a Dickerson. Not even completely sure the Gayton’s will want me back. Lol. But it is what feels right, and they are getting me… at least for now. I am pushing forward with my second book—the irony. Or maybe not even the irony the title right now is, Permission to Change Your Story. This name change is pieces of that. To fully step into my calling with all the energy I need to completely change my story :). This is just part of that process. Could I consider this a business expense then?  I mean, that is a legit question.  I feel like in so many ways, I am just getting started. If I do lose people, brand recognition, or anything else, that is okay. The right people will follow, and the authenticity and message are all I really care about. If it impacts my bottom line, I am okay with that. 

 Per your question if I ever marry again, what would I do? I also said I would never marry again. Ever. That was my past and hurt projecting the future. But if I marry, it would be so much more consciousness and I would honor that man with the respect of changing my name again. Once again if it impacts my business, that is okay. What if this world just did what they wanted more of without the expectations and weight of what everyone else thinks or how it will impact? And I am saying this from a place of what I have had to learn to lay down the weight I shouldn’t be carrying either!  

This is right, and I honestly think going with my heart on this because it never steers me wrong and what feels right is what is right regardless of impact. To fully step into my next chapter, my purpose, this is what is needed. But I do always appreciate you looking out for my best interest legally and even on other fronts! Time to get it done for me to step up and into my purpose! 

Know that under that name, I am proud of what was all done professionally and personally. Those publications and that book and all the things are part of a chapter of my own journey and I want to fully close it. This is part of that! Mainly I am so proud, grateful, honored God gave me my three boys that are forever mine!

In so many ways I am just getting started! It is just never too late to change or rewrite a story that is right for you. And Kristy regardless of the last name is about to fully step into that calling!

  1. Lacey Jayne says:

    I NEVER comment on blog posts, but this one was open and well written. Good. for. you. We aren’t just business owners, we are people living real lives. When given a choice between a “smart” business move and being authentic; being authentic is always the right move!

    Thank you for writing this! –Lacey Jayne (formerly, Allen & then Wlodarczyk)…

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