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Always Ready For Change

I have a story! Last year when I bought the farmhouse, I brought Silas to show him. He started running around like crazy running throughout the home. Once he cleared the footprint of the home (which is not big), he came to me and said… “mom, which one is my room he was pumped and ready too!” 
I thought, oh no… I dropped to my knees, and I said,  “son, we are not moving. You get to keep your current room!”
It half broke my heart. Half made me so proud that he was up for whatever and doing it with so much joy! I often think, what if more of us were “like Silas.” Approaching the new. Even if it meant downgrading and starting over. If we did that with so much more joy. The thing is, when you start over with anything, you do realize you are really not starting over. You are starting from a place of so much experience. 
Last year he was 7, and since the age of four, he was used to moving. I think he’s been through so much that he’s also conditioned just to be happy and be up for the ride! 
2019 I Moved to the Jasper home. 

2020 Then to the country club home. (Which was a complete gut)

2021 Then to lake home. (Another complete gut) 
Naturally, it was a new year, so he was like, okay, this is what mom does. She buys a home, and we move into them as she tears them apart. lol But I have no desire right now to move! I am settled, and I am HOME, and my kids are too… for now! God has a bigger plan and story, but we are where we are supposed to be for now!
Saturday after his soccer game, I ran into Target for one thing. (Which was really more like 15, but that is just #targetproblems) and I had to drop it off at the farmhouse on the way home to prepare for the shoot. I didn’t realize he had not seen or been on the inside, and he walked in the door and, in his true dramatic self, dropped to his knees and said….. “whatttttt, Mom? THIS IS SICK!”  He ran around again and came back and looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I am not sure really what you do for work, but I think you should do this!!! He said this is unreal, and we can move if you want.” I told him, well, son, I kind of do this but in a different way. I said this home is ours, but it’s also the community, it’s going to be an office for more creation, and I tried to explain what I would be doing here simply. He said, “awesome, Mom, keep going!”  <3  
He doesn’t realize what he taught me in those moments. I just thought I wanted to be more like you. He is up for anything and approaches any change with so much joy! Because a change in certain areas is hard for me, but I also know that it is always necessary for growth that I didn’t even know I needed as well. Happy Thursday, friends!  
With much love,  Kristy  

P.S. Vision Properties’ website will launch next week! 

P.S. If you are interested in the business coaching and work that will be done here make sure you are on list. 


Check out this reel on Instagram to see a peek! 

The kitchen island light fixture is linked HERE!

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