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Vision Properties - 1926 Farmhouse

Phases of Vision Properties

First, when I say phases, I want you to understand I am making these up! I am also surrendering to no timeline right now. There is no blueprint for this type of creation, although I feel like I see it all, and there are people in my corner that have expertise that will help make it happen; there is no guide for any of this!

I purchased 5 acres of commercial land in Forsyth County. No, I never developed commercial land, and yes, it is exactly what I know I am meant to be doing. It is my hometown, and I oddly feel such a sense of responsibility for creating a place for others to come and be.

Vision Properties is the name of the development, and the reason it was selected was that my goal is for it to be a space for others’ visions to happen! I truly believe we all have a purpose and have the ability to create, and I am so stoked to be able to have a part in the community and in this creation. I also feel like when you own land you have a sense of responsibility to the land. I promise to due to it just.

Here are the Phases.

  1. PHASE 1: Restore the farmhouse, which will be the headquarters for the development and This is currently what you are seeing being wrapped up!
  2. PHASE 2: 1000 square foot structure coming in off Heard road. TBD on the exact layout as I will be meeting with the architect tomorrow! (This will happen within the next year)
  3. PHASE 3: Overall site map for the three buildings be done, and all structural things such as drainage, septic, and required grading will be done here, and Building A will be created.
  4. Phase 4: Building B and Building C.

Here is an overall site map. This is 16,000 square feet of development that, let me be clear, I am just dreaming up!

I feel like I see it all. The buildings. The landscape. The bird chillin’ and the garden flourishing. The pieces of the old barn are throughout the structure. The firepit with a place for another small business owner to get together and have community. The old trees and history on the property get saved and carried forward.

My heart and goal is for Phase 1 to be done in the next month, and know, we are going to launch a website for this company soon! Phase 2 will happen over the next year, and Phases 3 and 4, we will see. I will wait until I feel completely guided and know everything before I step with all my might!

More to come soon, and “developments” unfold! Here is to dreaming big! Someone stopped by from the county last week, and he stopped just to say how great the home looked restored. He said is the owner home, I just want to say hello. I said it was me. He said wow, I am even more impressed. I am honestly not proud often, but just for a second, I let that sink in. I let myself fully embody that I can, and I will do everything up until this point. I am so grateful for it all.

Growing up, my father was in construction. As most of you know, a stone mason and is the son of a stone mason. I was never allowed to go. “That is no place for a lady.” But I was always curious. This is a picture of me and my Dad working on our family home stone pathway that leads to the pool.

I think I just love learning and having three brothers, I just honestly wanted to fit in. Be seen. Be an equal. The older version of me now knows why and sees the beauty of men and women and how they are created. As a kid, I just wanted to be able to hang with the boys…. my childhood was filled with sports, four-wheelers, and forts deep in the woods, I was a total tomboy until 13!

My Dad delivered more stone to the commercial property last week, and I thought to myself. I was once not allowed (and I get it), but I also want the other ladies out there to know… blaze a dang trail and be wherever you want. If you are not allowed 25 years later know its okay you might just find yourself forging a path of a construction/development dream in so many places. After building a residential dream home, renovating so many homes, and now a commercial development, I oddly feel grateful that a space I was once “not allowed” to be at, I now get to create and call the shots. Grateful for it all and surrendering my palms open to the timing and all the phases! I am just so excited to create and connect with others!

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