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Come in – Updates, Changes, Alignment, Growth

Hi Friends! I have just been enjoying some intentional downtime and I plan to continue that for a moment. We are heading to the beach next week and I have just been enjoying being “off”.

There are a couple of projects to still wrap up, but I figured I would start sharing what is done and projects that have physically manifested! It is easy in life to not even celebrate or sit in gratitude but check the box and move to the next. It does not matter how big or small it all should be celebrated. I have had so much going on I have been checking boxes and so been realigning and making changes. 🙂 Saying all of this to be vulnerable and honest and transparent that I have just had a lot of huge shift in my priorities and behind the scenes I am making decisions to align with where I am wanting to go! I also am not sharing this list below for any other reason than to update you because I don’t even know where to start and I hope it inspires as I share these projects visually or even with my words.

I know my purpose and my heart and we know it is easy to look at someone else’s life or checkboxes, or you know just not feel “normal” and feel less. You are you. You are on your own journey and you also don’t even know the growth or struggle they are also facing. There is no timeline or normal. It all happens with purpose and intent and I constantly have to remind myself the same and reach out to His voice and guidance for my life. Behind all these checkboxes below are people that have stood by my side, have helped make those checkboxes happen, teams, therapists, other untraditional practices for alignment, financial advisors, friends, loved ones, and of course a deeply rooted purpose that I know is my God that has bigger plans for my life than I could ever dream. And who I am right now in the season I am is ALL part of His plan while I continue to lean into the growth he wants for me.

I say life is constantly evolving and changes and it must for alignment because growth is essential, but it has been constant over here and so many things have evolved and changing! Here is a brief overview since the beginning of the year… and this is just on the “work” front.

On the lake home front. (will share these soon!)
– Dining Room got redone and a new table.
– Kids upstairs bathroom was completely gutted and redone – (still waiting on mirrors and lights to arrive)
– Roman’s bathroom new shower, toilet, and lights. (still need to do a new cabinet)
– Roman, August, and Silas’s rooms were all painted and are done. (this was high on my priority list as I wanted them to feel settled and home)
– Kitchen was completed
– Exterior a lot of wood updates – new shutters, new columns, fixed a foundation issue, new porch roof. (sharing below)
– Painted the exterior!
– New Landscape, which included grading, dry creek riverbeds, a turnaround, and a parking area at the top.
– Completely demoed dock that was restored with new wood, painted, and still waiting on the railing for the top to get done but the metal was selected yesterday!
– Basement renovations – new floors, paint, lights, bar area! – Haven’t even remotely shared and it is one of my favorite spaces.
– so many little projects. New outlets, water filtration system, doors on the interior painted, new carpet on the stairs.
– I still keep getting asked over and over if I am moving from this home. No this is home.

From the STARTbrands perspective.
STARTplanner System was dialed in and a new mid-year planner launched. Shipping from the warehouse starts soon! The team has been preparing the warehouse.
Start Knowing Your Numbers was opened for the first time ever. We had a goal here and it was doubled and then some. All of you asking about this… know I couldn’t be more grateful we plan to open this back up after summer! Right now I am just enjoying summer and time off intentionally.
Both of these were so much work! But probably both of these are part of my purpose and for both, I have passion deeply rooted in!
– Weekly podcasts on STARTwithKristy! If you don’t listen I encourage you to check it out. I leave every week feeling inspired by these guests and it just has SO MUCH VALUABLE CONTENT!
– Onboarded a new marketing team and so many changes here that Jenny and I both are so excited about!

North Georgia Escape
– New table and couch.
– It was also painted on the exterior!
– Earned Superhost yet again on Airbnb.
– Today we will be there taking care of some quarterly maintenance.

So this is where I have been and that is just on the “work” front. As you all know Silas had brain surgery in January so everything stopped for about a month. These last 6 months have been full of lessons, personal growth, learning, letting go, and continuing to evolve and align where I needing and wanting to. A friend of mine said this week… ” I am X years old and I am still figuring it out.” My response is we all our in different areas and that is just the growth God is aligning for our lives I fully believe. I have pulled back in areas and dialed in others and I couldn’t have done all that above along with keeping myself sain without some very key people in my life that I am forever grateful for.

Okay, let’s see some pictures!!! Let’s start with some exterior updates and details at the Lake House. TMQ Interior helped with all the final paint colors!
House Colors: Sherwin Williams
Main Home- Greek Villa SW7551
Gutters Cyberspace SW7076
Deck Classic French Gray SW0077
Front Door Naval Stain SW6244
The cedar wood on the home is Charwood and Harbor Mist both Sherwin Williams.

Here it is!

So much more inviting.

Pots are all random. Some from local artists, the two by the door are from Pikes (I still need a rug.) I love planting pots! They literally can soften a space so much!

Love love this porch now. Debating on a porch swing what do you guys think?

A friend Kristin Marks found these lights from Circa and they were too die for and perfect for completing the front porch. So after I saw them I was done and had to have them. Slightly modern, yet not too modern and still traditional and that cooper in the back….

This pot is from World Market. Loved bringing back in wood to this part of the home.

Here is some of the in progress work!

Landscape process. That mud was killing me smalls, so happy that is done!

Prior it was rotted out cross ties. Ended up grading down the banks, removing some trees and then adding the dry creek bed.

Here is the after!
Eventually, want to redo the asphalt of the driveway but going to wait until prices correct a little bit. The driveway is also REALLY long and tucked in the woods so it’s a pretty penny that will require saving.

This is it back last year.

Will start sharing spaces and more details. Thank you all for being here and for being you! Keep shining bright and stepping in your own journey that is right for you! So so grateful for all that is done, all that has been learned and we will see what steps are meant from here.


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