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Happy Birthday August

Our wild man is four! I can hardly believe it! From day one he has looked just like his daddy and acted just like his Mom… yes I am admitting it! 😉 This child is stubborn, energetic, passionate, loving, and very diligent with everything that he does. He is also a Mama’s boy! Go ahead ask him who Mama’s baby is, he will look at you with his mean look and say August.. and probably roll his eyes for even asking.

I can not believe his “3’s” is already gone. He is by far been our “hardest child” by his temperament and always getting into something but this boy you guys…. he makes my heart skip beats. I love him so! He is our middle child and if you ask him what he wants to do when he grows up, he will say I want to be like Roman a big kid. Melts my heart!

Here are of couple pictures of him over the last year! Happy Birthday Baby Boy! We love you! – Love Mom, Dad, and your crazy brothers




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