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Live Edge Desk – Office Space

One of my favorite rooms in the home has been the home office. I love the dark walls, the view overlooking the lake, and the simplicity of it all. When we were moving our offices earlier this year, we moved START into my home for about four months. Something happened, and I stopped loving that space as much. I also realized how badly I was solely working from home. I found myself going to the bathroom and also doing the laundry and a million other things. It was great to be home, but it takes major discipline to separate home and work. To shut the computer and leave work at work.

Setting Up Structure

I have worked for myself for over a decade, and was reminded that spaces and divisions are ideal for maximum productivity! People can work anywhere. I have worked on the living room floor with babies crawling over me, sat in a warehouse waiting on production and worked on the concrete. I really believe all you need is a desire and focus. We can set ourselves up to get more done with structure and spaces! So my post is hopefully to inspire that for you! Whether it be a desk in the corner of a room, or tidying up your work office and making it more you!

When we were all working out of my home and home garage, it all became more cluttered, and it was no longer a space to feel free and think big. I came home to what I felt was chaos, but I also knew it was a season, and as long as there was a plan, okay, keep going! We moved into the new office and got settled, and now that office felt good, but I took my home office desk with me, so that room was left with a gaping hole that was supposed to be for about a month. Other things kept slipping up on the list, so this new desk took about four months! The home office is right off the living room in my home, and I would walk past it often, knowing I needed to get it done but kept delaying.

Give Yourself A Deadline

If you have lingering things on your list, align time, even give yourself a deadline if you need to, and get it done! Our shipment was arriving, and the wood I was storing in the new warehouse, so that was my deadline! I used live edge poplar. Trevor cut the wood into the desired dimensions, and that is when the sanding started! It took quite a while, but it was all so worth it! I stained it with classic grey and provincial mix, and it warmed it up to the perfect tone! I sealed it with a matte clear coat, and then it was back to Trevor to assemble it because that is beyond my pay grade. He welded two brackets for each side to support it and put it together. This desk is about two and a quarter inches thick! It’s solid and SOOOOO love the way it turned out!!! The project cost about $350 bucks, and we have a beautiful solid unique desk that is the perfect size.

If you have a desk, office, or workspace in your home, do you love it? If you don’t, what can you do to change that? Can you declutter your office? Get some things to make you love the space. In this space, I love all the stones on the shelves, the artwork, the plants, the light, and the mixed metals. I am on a decluttering kick this week, and this time of year is a great time to do it as we go into a new year! Create or recreate a space that the entire family can use! I keep my work stuff now at my work desk and this is now just a place for my planner and laptop to sit as needed in the early morning hours. Like this morning writing this post!

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