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Sharing Last Quarter Updates

I have become quieter (in a public way). Less out there. Less loud. Just more private and busy. To be honest, half of it is being obedient with less of a desire to be so out there. Deep within my soul, I know that I am being crafted to write. To speak up and help and do something bigger than me. I am just trying to be more obedient and not at my own desires but His plan for me and my life, and just right now, this is the space that I am in. As a “blogger” for over a decade, can I still classify myself as a blogger if you get quarterly updates? 😉 Lol. So here I’m sharing all of my last quarter updates! Because it has been busy! In a recent survey for START one of the common things was the community wanting me to be more public online. Know this is just a choice and one I am currently honoring that I feel called to do!

As you know… I thrive on movement and all the moving parts and often wonder why. I am also hyper-aware of my personality and have to strive or PLAN to be less and recharge with everything, with kids that are being raised that I have had to prioritize and stay obedient to where my energy is pushed. What is being said and the why behind I am saying it. 

So much has happened, and I wanted to give you all a little window. 

The Airstream & Bronco

I Sold the Airstream and the Bronco last month! And know it is a choice I have complete peace with!


The Airstream

Airstream I freaking love him. Had him for a year, and took nine trips, and one of those 9 was for two weeks with my oldest son. You can see them all HERE (Or most of them). Memories that can never be replaced! On the business front of it, that unit is a year and a half wait, and I was able to sell it for a little more than I bought it for and use it for a year! No, I don’t want to stop camping, but I also realize we need something a little bigger. All the boys are huge, and with dogs, we need a slide-out, so I listed it right before it was time to winterize “Him,” and he sold quickly! I decided it was the right thing to do, and resources could be aligned for completing the renovations of the 1926 Farmhouse. 

The Bronco

The Bronco- Had so much work to be done, and I couldn’t decide on what to do or not to do. It was always a thing lingering on my mind and was a project I had not undertaken.. I have learned when you can’t decide, instead of doing halfway, just wait. There are reasons, and if you do something and are not sure, you will want to do it again! Steve Ford contacted me from Michigan. Apparently, there were not many Broncos with the 400 engine in them, and they were looking for the Jade Green and Wimbledon white. I sent him videos, and he made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The next day they drove down from Michigan. His son started at Michigan State…yes, the green and white colors, and they were looking for that exact Bronco. When I told him okay, I would sell it, to be honest… I was still not sure I was ready to sell, but when Steve and his son showed up, I knew it was meant for him. He was so pumped and very plainly knew all the exact plans they were going to do. And yes the last name and Michigan if what you are thinking is true, is true. As in the Ford Family, so it was just a cool story of that Bronco going back home and I was blessed to be able to enjoy it for a while! I also have a driver coming up in the house! Yes, Roman will be driving in like three months!!!!  

Warehouse & Farmhouse Updates

We just completed this detached structure at the main Lake Home you can see it here (Garage Design) and then we have shifted resources to the 1926 Farmhouse. And know that I am still not 100% sure what I am going to do with it just yet. 

Farmhouse Updates. 

Interior Painting and Ceiling Scraping 

fresh paint

Crawlspace cleaning and proper Moisture Barrier. New Stone Foundation.

crawl space cleaned and new barrier

Bathroom Renovations. New green tile. Envision a sink in here and white walls and fun light and mirror!

bathroom update

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Landscape Part 1 – Pull up old and Plant New (reminder to trust the process) even though it has rained SOOOO much and it is all a bit of a mess now!

old landscaping

Tile in Mudroom/Pantry Refinishing of Wood Floors – That was from 1926 

mudroom tile
pantry tile

And the BIG change was refinishing the hardwood floors!

Refinished original flooring

-In the process of Replacing both the front and back exterior doors. I mean how sexy is that front door!

What Needs To Be Done 

  • Complete interior painting 
  • Upstairs Carpet 
  • Exterior painting/staining 
  • Landscape Part 2 – Mulch and more gravel in the driveway. 
  • Replace fixtures and hardware
  • Kitchen Countertops/island


Of course, we have been very busy there with shipping and the new space has been so nice to utlize!

Life Updates

The Residential Land and Development in Jasper has been on a bit of a hold, but I am hopeful that in the next 60 days, there is movement there. Unfortunately, some delays are out of my control. 

Personal trips, soccer, football, building a table, fair, rodeos, recitals, our first real Christmas Tree… all the things. I am so so grateful for this life. It is changing quickly, and I am holding on to these years. It is so crazy to me that I have a high schooler and I am fully aware that we are just living in a season and I have to soak up the sweetness in it all. 

fair with Silas

Silas and I looking fly at the fair in our boots!

fair and rodeo

Family time at the rodeo! This was so much fun to watch!

Roman and his girlfriend at the fair. These two are so cute!

corn maze

All the fall festivities!

Our first time doing a real Christmas tree and it just made our home feel so cozy and smell amazing!

Grateful for all the many blessings, and I don’t say that enough. I don’t feel like I even closely have it all “figured out”, but I don’t believe we are supposed to. I think we are supposed to keep our hearts open, palms surrendered, and mind aligned. And I am a work in progress still. Hope you guys are all doing well!!! I hope to be better at sharing more than just last quarter updates with you all, but we’ll see lol 😉

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