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San Diego: Start Loving You Conference

Start Loving You conference was in San Diego and it was a whirlwind couple of days. For me, at these conferences the PEOPLE and relationships that I walk away with are everything! I love that it brings together like-minded individuals from all across the country.

Hello San Diego!!!!! Our view from our room!

Thursday kicked off with a cocktail party with drinks and appetizers!


So much work went into this event. These two AND many skype meetings to make it all happen!


The details were on point! Details and balloons were done by Soiree by Ria


So many sponsors stepped in to make this event happen and STARTplanner was the title sponsor of the event.

Sponsors were:

We also had other sponsors such as Coola, This Bar Saves Lives, Justins,  TombowUSA, Simple Pallette, Pipcorn that donated amazing swag for the bags.

Okay, conference day!!!! Meredith of That’s Inappropriate was the perfect blend of humor and casual that kept the entire day moving and everyone laughing!

Jordan surprised me. I knew I liked her from following her on social media as we have similar styles of business practices and what she preaches. Literally one of the most down to earth women I have met! She has 5 kids with a six on the way.. so clearly, she is also superwoman. Love how her husband is also part of her business! She really touched the entire audience with her message of owning it!


Next up was Kristen Hewitt. Mom, TV Reporter extraordinaire! Just love her and she was such a natural on stage sharing her struggles and journey and again moving the entire room!

Angel Fiori is not someone you will find on social media or stages often(yet). It was actually her first big stage, but she had the entire room crying after she told her journey and how she literally went into her burning home pulled out her daughter and a stranger came and saved them both. 43% of her body was burned and her chance of survival was very small. She is totally here for a reason and here to move more hearts, just like she did ours.


Then friends… me! Blah blah… I will just say… I feel like I meant to do one thing. Whether it is in a book, on social media, or on stage. Motivating you towards positive change and creating action in your daily life! You are worthy!

This was me either saying hell yes or amen! 🙂 #owningit

So many amazing Moms filled the room! If I could share you all the sweet notes and emails we have gotten! THAT is what it is about!


Laura Kytannen was about the sweetest thing there is. I mean figurately and literally!


She is the owner of Pixsweet and we all got to have a quick break outside for a sweet treat! You see this… my word… START!

Cat and Nat were two humorous moms that broke up the day with some mimosas and fun! Was fun to get to know them and where they are started!


We all got to make blessing bags with Tamara and Misty with Live Love Works. 

These sisters surprised me! There are 12 siblings and they each have 4-7 kids and look like they do! I mean I really don’t think they are real life. Vanessa (owner of Chatbooks), Rikki (works at Chatbooks), Leah (Essential Oils)  and then Kara and Shelly owners of Raising Wild. All girl bosses and Mom extraordinaire’s. Loved hearing from them and the influence there mom had on their life!

Rachel Pitzel talked on pivoting. As mothers and moms, I really feel like it is something we have to constantly do and was such a great reminder!

Shasta Nelson then closed down the conference with a talk on friendships. Back to my first point. Relationships are what help us to muddle through life. What makes it all worth it!


And my favorite picture of the event is this!!!

Now is the time to put your fears aside and go for it. You have to start somewhere and your future you will thank you!

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