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Start Loving You: Overcoming Fears of Speaking

I sat backstage and couldn’t catch my breath. The current speaker was wrapping up their talk and I was next.  I literally couldn’t swallow. I looked up to someone coming to mic me and asked me if I had any questions. All I could produce was a nod to the left and then to right. I was excited, nervous, and terrified.  I thought I was prepared but my bodily actions showed me otherwise.  Could I even do this….?

This was my reality when I spoke for the first time on stage over 7 years ago.  I have since found my stride, learning what jokes to tell and what not to tell. Learning that really sharing the raw nitty gritty can move a room. Being concise and sharing valuable applicable information that the audience can use. It is a trait that was developed over a series of conversations on stage and finding where I am comfortable and where I belong. Are you nervous about something you want to start? Terrified? Is your heart telling you, yes but your body is trying to resist?

Now is the time to put your fears aside and go for it. You have to start somewhere and your future you will thank you! Let’s hustle friends!

If I can face my fears, you can too!

Audio is not the best but here is me on stage!

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