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Shady Grove Camping Trip – (the learning)

Last week I concluded 7 days at Shady Grove Campground and I will for sure be going back! More than that it was my first time “kinda” doing it on my own. I say kinda because of a couple of variables and we never really truly do anything on our own. What I experienced this past weekend was the importance of community, help, mentors, and guidance. A reminder that everything seems scary before you do it as well! And I am so grateful I didn’t just cave and sell it because I doubted myself and almost did and now after a week of some pretty amazing memories its confirmation I have to trust and keep figuring it out!

Last week on Monday, I had no idea how exactly I was getting the camper there. I have ordered a truck and it is not in route still. Mind you about a month ago I debated do I just sell? Did I get in over my head? Can I even learn and do this?

We were camping with new friends this past weekend but in my head I knew I had three ways I could get it there. For someone that likes to be in control, know the plan, and doesn’t like to ask for help this was an entire new level of just having my palms open. All I knew is I am meant to figure this out and it would be figured out. To also layer in this concept, know this is not too far from my main residence so it was not a huge undertaking having to get it there with help.

Danielle that has been doing my monthly massages for about a year now called me on Tuesday of last week needing to reschedule because they decided to take a trip in their Airstream. She has an Airstream too and we often talk about it. I told her no worries that I was going camping for the first time. She said, “exciting, how are you getting it there.” I told her my variable plan, and said will just figure it all out one thing at a time. I mean honestly in life that is how it is done. You research, you read, you learn ,and you sometimes just have to jump off the cliff and figure it all out as you are going down. But yes you guys also know I am all about calculated risk too so the more help or prepared the smarter it is! She said, “let me call you right back.”

5 minutes later I was in a group chat with her husband. Literally on Thursday he picked me up. But literally had me do everything but was right there to talk me through it! From hitching it, to pulling it to setting up all the systems!!!! We took notes and I felt confident on a couple things too which I didn’t ask and then realized over the weekend I must google and Youtube to learn more! Lol. I went into this last week knowing maybe 15% of how it all works. As I type this I will say I know 70%. I probably know more, but that repetition will be what hones it in and until I have no safety blanket standing next to me.

They had a trip booked in Asheville but said they would be back on Wednesday and will help do it again but the break-down process. Well I was leaving Monday and I know this place stays booked up. I went up to the office, and the gentleman smiled. He said “new Airstream girl”. He saw all the training going down and honestly I think they loved seeing the learning. I asked is there anyway I can stay longer. He said hmmm and looked and my spot was free until Thursday! BOOM! Okay I will take it! To make it better after Danielle and Victor saw the campground they decided to come stay there Wednesday night!

I am … So grateful. I knew I loved my Airstream but also you guys what you don’t realize you get is a community. I got to meet other Airstreamers this past week and I just honestly thoroughly enjoy meeting others. Hearing their stories, what makes them tick, all the things. When I went to check out, we went through all the steps and decided to use the campground as a practice ground a little longer. So I drove around backing into spots in practice scenarios. I will share more about that below.

Here is Axel! Here is Victor and Danielle. Fellow Airstream owners. That honestly I can not even put into words how grateful I am for them.

Camping also is about good food. And literally the best food for the past week!

Cash is a fan of camping too. I think he can totally get use to this life.

I see more camping trips in the future! I saw we plan to load up next summer and caravan a trip for a while…. just saying!

Silas best friend. Silas would wake up in the morning and crawl in my bed and say Mom can I go she if my friends are awake. I can feel it that they are. lol. Son give it until at least 7:30. He literally lived his best life.

And I also realize I need more of this in my life too!

I grew up camping. And some of my best memories are from campgrounds. Seeing this… I hope I can give my kiddos these same memories!

Also so so grateful I really can work from where ever.

To continue the spontaneous week. A random last minute girls night in the camper with some yummy smores.

Then one final night with Victor and Danielle! That is there Airstream and since at this point they are seasoned pros I enjoyed seeing all their gear and learning more things. I also walked up to Victor smoking eggplant and making this appetizer! It was sooo good.

We then cooked on the Solo Stove and I spent the evening getting to know them! THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT!!!!! Leaving space for adventure, for connections, for nature, and of course for good food.

One night I was walking back and I just stopped. Overwhelming filled with gratitude and I told myself. Kristy don’t stop dreaming. Chasing. Living. Loving. Stay open and stay being the girl God designed you to be which is to figure it out!

AND This might seem silly to you, but prior to this week, this camper overwhelmed me. I really debated if I got in over my head.

This photo only shows half the story. It only shows I am proud I back this beast in on my second try. What it doesn’t show are Victor and Chuck. Two other Airstream owners are out there helping, coaching, cheering, and patiently guiding me. Because this photo alone is not the story it was them because I would have never done it without them is the truth. And I have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Excited to see where I end up this year and what memories are made and how many spots I can back in too.


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