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Airstream Bedding- Beddys

Okay. I have spoken about Beddy’s before. With my kids’ beds, at the cabin, and now in the Airstream! Why?? Because it is a game-changer and life. You guys know me and know I don’t take or do partnerships with other companies, really, but this is so aligned, and with my love language and the owners, I can tell we would just vibe. So I even have a code to give you all! STARTWITHKRISTY will give you 15% off your order.

It is an organization, efficiency, and style wrapped into one concept. And you can thank me later when you invest in a set and realize beds get made. And for me, that is also a game-changer.

If you’ve not heard of Beddy’s yet, let me tell you all about it! Before my first camping trip of the season, I wanted a refresh. The bedding that came with the Airstream was great and neutral but it also was heavy and not easy to make. Insert Beddy’s. Although my Airstream is a dude technically, and his name is Axel I wanted to give her a feminine flair to balance all this male energy I am surrounded with!

I am also a bit cheesy so the Airstreams are known for flamingo, and I came across a pillow on society 6 so I started there. Found more pillows at West Elm, and then the perfect color for this pallet was the London Beddy’s set which is a great neutral. Because I like changing spaces up and pillows and throws are a great way! It is such a small space, hello 30 feet, so I kept the, all the same to not compete with your eyes. (all links at the bottom)

Their bedding is magic and perfect for anyone who hates making their bed in the morning. All it takes is to zip it up and fluff some pillows! THAT’S IT!! Think of it as a giant sleeping bag for your bed. How awesome is that?! Especially when you are in tight spaces making the bed makes all the difference!

If you want to see Axel the Airstream before see this post here.

Okay, okay, this makes me so happy!!!

Here is the main area and the master bedroom.

The throw is the Lennon Throw. Pillows are west Elm linked below.

Dark Olive Cotton Velvet Pillows

Abstract Lumbar Pillow

Okay take note below… see it just zips up! It is the comforter, sheets, and fitted blanket all in one. I also loved that this set add these patterned sheets inside giving it a little something-something.

Living room refresh.

Cabana Striped Pillow

Anatomy of a Flamingo Pillow

The kid area again I just matched the same bedding but found this pillow on society 6 that I just felt fit with the color and scheme so well and I loved it was also poor blue so the boys didn’t feel like it was “Mom” sprinkled everywhere.

I just love it!

Because I like details and again try to anticipate questions before they are asked, here are the mattress protectors that worked the best with the airstream. I did my due diligence for a fellow Airstream owner. I also did a nicer one for the master giving it a little more cushion. Went with the short queen.

Here are the Mattress Protectors I have too! Because details are everything!

Short Queen Mattress Protector

Short Full Mattress Protector

Bunk Mattress Protector

So again Beddy’s once again just made this space so much brighter and easier to function!

Beddys choices. I have owned both the Minky and the All Cotton Versions. If you are asking this girl for an opinion, go All Cotton. I don’t like to be hot while sleeping and it is so comfy. If you get cold while sleeping or in a colder environment go Minky. This chica went All Cotton.

For the fellow Airstream Owners or RV owners – I have a Short Queen, Short Full, and Airstreams custom twin or whatever it is. I ordered the Queen, Full, and Twin and tucked in the extra on the bunks on the one side, and it works like a charm.

And here was that original inspiration!

Still figuring out this whole camping thing. Authentically still googling and YouTubing and learning. But all I do know is it is the perfect vibe for the season for Axel with this little refresh! I love that it is a little spunky and fun!

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