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Shutting down STARTdetoxing! (6 figure yearly sales and all)

Shutting down STARTdetoxing! (6 figure yearly sales and all).
This is a huge decision and please know it was one that was not made lightly. I have considered everything that is on my plate and I believe in honesty, transparency, realistic expectations and I know this is a decision I had to make, for me. For my children. For my mental wellbeing!

Full context…. I own 6 companies and the one thing I believe and teach in life is self-awareness. I will always be someone that juggles a lot and pushes growth, as that is my DNA. I also have a couple of projects on deck that I have not taken steps forward on because I don’t have space too. So I am self-aware right now that I can keep going or I can make some hard changes and shifts that I know my heart is urging me too.

Some will see this as a failure and know that it is okay as well. With the divorce, I didn’t expect to start and run Dickerson Hill AND we also have Start Kickin’ Booty launching with so much that I am excited about. Now that I have my boys only 50% of the time, I try to give them my 100% of me and the honest truth is there is not enough of me. I could continue grinding like I am, but it will be at the expense of me. I could hire a nanny, but I also don’t want to do that. I want to flex my schedule and be present wherever my feet are planted. In a nutshell, my life has changed and I must make changes to make space for the life I do want.

I want to travel.

I want to chase sunrises and sunsets.

I want to keep growing my companies and building on my passions. Not just I want… I will.

I have a laptop and really that is all I need, then the world can be mine wherever.

I want to be present.

I hope some of you will read this as a lesson and not see this as a failure but be proud of the honest self assessment and hard changes. Maybe there are some of you that are holding on to something and realizing its time to let it go. Weighing the pros and cons can help, and I am going with my gut here. I don’t want to look back on this period of my life, and just remember that I built multiple successful companies but constantly felt behind. I would rather stand in my focus, streamline and presently be right where I am. 

My gut, my heart, and my inner intuition is telling me to scale back and focus only on the great. If anyone wants to read this as a failure or see it as a dream let die, let them. Because it is not. Detox, health, wellness will always be a piece of me and something I preach as part of productivity. Wellness for me right now is realizing it is not about the bottom line, and I must get some things off my plate. This is not a failure as this is a company that is just over a year old, shows over 6 figure sales in a year’s time! A couple business mentors of mine encouraged me to continue for one more year. With the numbers could I sell it, probably with another year of riding the wave and to be honest my business side said to keep going but my heart said Kristy, limits. For every decision you make there is an opportunity cost. This year my life has been filled with projects and finding a new normal and survival and it is the decisions I make now that will affect my coming future.

Make space for travel. For adventure for focused growth. For me. As someone that teaches business know this IS the best business decision despite a couple business mentors seeing the numbers and thinking I am crazy. I am very aware of what I am doing. I am so proud of everyone involved. Of the relationships, I developed that I will always carry forward with me. Of what I learned and how many lives were impacted, including myself. And to any of you that joined me on the STARTdetoxing journey thank you and know this will be something I practice and do for life!

I have learned so much and those lessons I will continue carrying forward.
I didn’t know when I was going to share this exactly, but I think it is time. We only have a couple of Rescue Kits and Maintain Kits, and I have made the decision to not move forward with manufacturing more products.

I have decided that anyone than orders a maintain kit today will a free Dead Sea salt along with a free Diatomaceous Earth. (A $42 value) Actually buying the Maintain kit for $98 you will get $184 worth of product! These will go fast! So yes you should stalk up as I have.

My heart types this with clarity and with pride. From the depths of my soul thank you for your support and for following along on my journey! This is just yet another chapter and lessons I needed to continue carrying forward! From a business perspective, it makes no sense, but from my life and heart’s perspective, it is something I just have to do to be intentional with my time and life now as it is. I hope you see the lessons here and know truly where my heart is and why. I am so proud of our team, of the lives, it has changed including mine, and I am so proud of this company and its principles it is rooted in! You can get items here while supplies last! But once they are gone they are gone!

Here are some images looking back!

We also have testimonial after testimonial. This one was just shared with us this week! What I am really proud of is the individuals that committed to their health and changed their life! This is what I am most proud of!

Thank you if you are reading this. For following along with me. Learning lessons right beside me and for all the support and love!



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