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Silas Grey: Our Family of Five

I can not even put into words how happy I am!!!! I am one blessed Mama! Having Silas here has been AMAZING and to now have three beautiful healthy boys…. sigh I just can’t even put it into words! I hear all the time…. “another boy, are you going to try for a girl, are you done, wew you are going to have your hands full, etc.” I can’t explain it, but I am a boy mom. I can not picture or see myself with anything other than my three boys. And boys LOVE their Mama’s….. yes they are wild and rowdy… but I suppose growing up with my three crazy brothers it is something I am use too.

Being a photographer, the one thing I treasure and value the most is pictures of my family, and with me not behind the lens! I get asked all the time… “do you take you own pictures?” Ummmm no! I want to be in them and allow someone else to work their magic. I also think being a photographer it is a good reminder for me of what my families go through and how much it really means to them. Brooke with Paperlilly Photography did such an amazing job capturing Silas and our little family. Thank you for capturing this special time in our lives…. I will treasure these forever!

Silas you are perfect in every way! You complete our family, and I can not wait to watch you grow! Just not to fast okay! 🙂 Look at this little nugget!

He favors Roman to me but also has some of August in him…. BUT I can not believe we have a baby with strawberry blonde hair! Both of my other boys had really dark hair!

“It is hard work being me.” …. I could just eat him 🙂

Gosh I am one lucky lady to have this man and these boys in my life!

Me and my boys… yes I am outnumbered…. and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

He is just perfect! 🙂

Roman and August have been such good big brothers. Roman has loved having a baby around since day one! August had a little adjustment period but he is now loving on brother and even trying to share his toys with Silas. 🙂

I mean…. 🙂

My whole world… right here!

Thank you everyone for all the texts, emails, calls, comments, etc. This has been such a special time in our lives and I am so thankful for all of you! Here is Silas Official birth announcement 🙂

Outside spread 🙂 (back on the left and front on right)

And you open it up… here is the inside 🙂

  1. Iris says:

    You do have a beautiful family. What great images and I am so happy that you opted to be in them and have someone else work the magic of family portraiture 🙂

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