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Start Brands New Home + Axel’s

This has me so excited!!! When we purchased Start HQ in 2018 for Start Planner(Now, we were growing so fast and we had full intentions of using the entire space which we did for a while, and then with the economy and COVID, we had to start dialing back in areas. I made the decision to cut waste (and to also help with the overhead) to lease out half of the space and we had the honor of working alongside Love and Grow Clothing Company from 2020 to 2021. They were great and it was such a blessing and a weight lifted off my shoulders. Lindsey and Nick, the owners, are the real entrepreneur deal. Lindsey started the company, but Nick quit his day job when he realized the opportunity to step in and do it together and they are a true team. They had outgrown their space and needed a solution for a while before they moved south to the beach, so it was perfect I think for both. If you have kiddos, check them out! I wanted to mention this though because generally entrepreneurs or business owners talk about the solution and it’s not always fluid it might be a much a decision in between and that overall becomes the solution.

Now back to the warehouse. Have you ever heard the saying, the bigger your house, the more stuff? Well, we have a 4,000 square foot space with vertical bays(which makes it a lot bigger) so honestly, it just became a place in my eyes that was not running as efficiently as it could, or should have been. I take full ownership and blame for that. The last couple of years I have been moving (3 times) and for the past year, it was renovations on the lake home. So in the means of my energy going elsewhere and survival, this “warehouse” just kinda got out of control. Approaching the year-end, I knew something had to give as Startplanner had adjusted, and we didn’t need the full space. I debated; do I sell it, or do I lease partial space or even the full space. So my indecisive self (at moments), so stuck it on the market and it got the full asking price. That didn’t feel right, so I suppose that was my answer. I also have realized if you don’t have the clarity you have to make decisions, move to find that clarity. I was meant to hang on to it as part of my portfolio, so the answer was a lease, and I didn’t know do I sublease for Start Brands to stay or lease the entire space. Stuck both options out there, and well the person that felt right, needed the entire space, and I have fully leased out that for 3 years! Now we have until the end of February to move! That escalated quickly from I have no idea to this is the plan, let’s go! And it now feels 100% right. I lived in a different area when that was purchased. and now being up at the lake I honestly just felt a desire to be more simple.

I honestly couldn’t be more excited!!!! This is right. My pet peeve is inefficiency, and I was running a very inefficient warehouse. All that space allowed me to tuck things away in bays and tell myself I will handle that later. Don’t we all do that with different things in life too? Well until you handle it, those things are not going to be handled. So know one thing that is coming, is a Moving Warehouse Sale! And I am at that point. Anything that is older versions, or I no longer see fitting into our model as we step, it is going… and going for cheap! Because it is not going with us. So much good stuff that can be used for productivity, but it is just time for me to let go. So get ready because I am in a mood.

Where are we going?!?!?!
This will be STARTbrand’s new home and Axels! I am so excited, and it is so efficient! I am in the process of doing a commercial development, but it won’t be ready in 30 days, so this is a solution that just makes sense! We are breaking ground… today!

Likely what you see below there will be a variation. I am creative and very analytical but I want to say and remind you I ALWAYS consult and work with others that know more than me and can see a different vision. That way end products are MUCH more than what I could ever dream of!

You will see my home on this vision board and we will be carrying elements from it to make it feel similar but also different giving it a dutch roof and a little more casual and modern vibe on the lights.

TMQ Interiors – Thea helps me get my brain together and Gene Barrington I am working with for architecture and I just LOVE his eye and level of detail.

Again this is just a design board I threw together because that is how my brain works from suggestions from both Gene and Thea pulling elements we would like to use.

The exterior color will be the same as my main home with the same siding and cedar columns with a little different lighting to make it feel more casual.

I will share more on the inside but every little inch has been accounted for now and long term. AND there is a place to park Axel the Airstream! Axel will be covered and will have full hookups. Having him there gives us a kitchen, bathroom, and a pretty awesome meeting spot. Also, it gives me a “guest” house for others to come and stay here and they will be able to walk outside of Axel and see the lake! If my children are being extra, it will also give me a place to go! 😉 I kid…. kinda. And yes we can also take “him” in and out at anytime to explore! I am so excited about this!

So grateful my life connected me with others. My entrepreneur life is honestly a product of others’ true talent. I met with so many architects prior to selecting who I was going to be using for Vision Properties, and I just knew he was my person. His knowledge, experience, resources, and attention to detail are everything I needed as I embarked on an uncharted territory for me. He just gets me and our brains both “calculate” the same way creating synergy. Allowing visions of spaces to come to life that is efficient and of course have style! Environments, in my opinion, are a feeling and it is function and design that gives them the right energy.

Will be sharing more on the commercial development soon but for now we are breaking ground here! Please let me know if you think of anything I could be missing!

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