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Lake Home- Master Bath

Okay, time to start recapping in some areas on things that are complete at the lake home and other projects! My goal is to share with you. To inspire you, but also will be coming at you with organization tips, financial tips, and other things as well soon! My heart and goals here are to show a project from start to finish, and give you tips too that help keep you sane during projects which can save time, money, and resources as well.

Remember, I am going to start recapping all last year’s work, a lot of calculations, and others’ talent and hard work that went into it all to make it happen. My heart is not here to boast. I know there are some that are here to see the design come to life while others want to know the productivity or financial tips along the way. My goal is to weave it all in. Maybe even others want to see reflections or a piece of me in them that helps them to step. I know I am feeling called to use my voice and share again AND I have a team that is going to help me do just that!

With any design, for me, it has to function first, and then feel good second, but neither can be sacrificed. I also love to save money, and I am a penny pincher, BUT I will splurge and even wait as well because I don’t like to settle on quality either. I like nice things, and personally, I would rather wait completely until I can do it the way that I want rather than do something halfway. This is why it took a year and a half to complete this renovation. I have been in the lake home for a year and a half, so what you are going to be seeing, and what I will be recapping is months of work. Of living in dust and decisions and a lot of budget sheets and calculations and with a lot of help!

I am going to share the space that I did last first, the master bathroom. I saved it for last because I wanted the kids’ and common spaces to be done before mine, and it also was not horrible so I waited. It also was not until a trip to Savannah Georgia that I got inspired. Typically I have to have something that inspires me and makes me feel. Now here is my weirdness. My Chinese spirit animal is a rabbit for the year 1987, but my spirit animal right now is a turtle which is the opposite of a rabbit. The turtle is also to represent peace. “Turtle symbolism and meanings include longevity, perseverance, steadfastness, protection, retreat, healing, tranquility, the Earth, and transformation.” Yes, this is the space I needed.

Seeing this every day reminds me to slow down, to stay grounded, stay on my journey, and answers will come. So the turtle was the art, and then we backed in with the tile (that feels like water). Then added the warmth of the roman shades and custom inset white oak cabinet. It just feels clean and peaceful now!

Credits and Links
Design Thea – TMQ Interiors
Construction- Demo, plumbing, and tile work Johnstone & Co.
Lights – Rejuvenation Pendant and Greenwhich Wall Lights
Faucets – Kohler Purist Line in Polished Chrome
Cabinets are custom with a custom stain
Countertop – Quartz

Here is a before and after! And yes that is a ceiling fan in the bathroom before.

This is the turtle that started it all.

The shower is one of my favorite things about the bathroom. I love that it is imperfect yet clean. It reminds me of water.

The inserts were carefully planned for, for function. I debated on adding a bench to this bathroom, but instead, Thea suggested I added a shaving insert, and I am so glad I did. You stick your foot there to shave, and now the bench is not taking up a big portion of the bathroom. And if I need to sit to meditate or just be, I do it on the ground. 🙂

Some more details. Soft-close inset cabinets.

Roman shades from Peachtree Blinds so the Amazon driver doesn’t see me in the shower ;). They added the perfect warmth.

Mirrors are the West Slope Frameless.

To start and end the day. To wash away impurities in the mind-body and spirit and to keep stepping. I did this space last to have everyone else taken care of, but I didn’t really realize what a difference it would make. So grateful for this little retreat and all who made it happen!


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