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Stop 5: Tennessee, ILLENIUM, Said the Sky

There were more than 5 stops. While driving, we had two more stops on the trip that were quick overnight stays. Again it was a mix of I had some things planned but not everything. A lot of times I would drive until I couldn’t anymore and we would look at what was close by and just pull in. I also knew the general direction that I was going when heading to Texas, but I really didn’t know how or where I was going back. I can’t explain it other than I just felt called to wait and just figure it out. It was what I needed!

Deep down I really really really wanted to go to Bonnaroo Music Festival and go see Illenium live BUT everything in the entire Manchester TN area was booked solid. I just had to keep my arms and palms open. The weird thing about this trip is I never do this. I never get in a truck and just go. I just had to do it and figure it all out.

Spot 12

There was a lot of the trip that I also can’t explain. Things that happened or directions that were guided. For instance, everywhere we went we stayed in spot 12. It was weird. Growing up, I was always drawn to number 12 and my sport number was always 12. When we pulled into Waco, that I booked literally an hour before, they said you are in A12… I was like okay that is weird and carried on. A lot of stuff happened on this trip that was only explained by the universe or God shifting me where I needed to be shifted and lead.

When we pulled into Stephenville, I got a phone call and I answered. There was a campground on a lake in Manchester TN that I was on a waiting list for. She called and said, “Hey we have a spot that just opened up for a cancellation and it is now free Friday and Saturday night.” I glanced over at Roman and he was kinda like… okay. The lady then followed it with, “it is spot 12 right on the lake.” Roman smiled and I said, “we will take it.” This meant when leaving Texas we would not go back the same route but go up through Arkansas and over to Tennessee.

A Change of Plans

Leaving a public life where people watch, follow, read, and digest what you say I can’t explain it that I have felt very called to pull back and be more private. It is like a Netflix series you are watching and I feel like people would ask me about episode 27 and I am still in 8. I also get it. So many of you have followed my journey for years on this blog for over a decade, and I just needed space to continue living out my life in a private way while I grow, sort, digest, live. My thought is maybe I recap later or maybe not. I have never stopped writing or journaling and there has been so much life, lessons, and in between that maybe if it is part of God’s plan for me, one day you will read.

Looking back on all the things, I am so grateful for it all. For releasing when I felt called to. For stepping back when I felt called to. The hard valleys became a catalyst for change or solutions and growth that I needed. I have never stopped carrying or leading with my heart or writing or being me. I just have needed space and space, I realize in some areas, I will always take.

We had planned to stay in Arkansas, but instead I drove right through and stayed in eastern Tennessee. We woke up and had a short drive to Manchester TN.

Bonnaroo Music Festival

There are a lot more words that could be said here, but for now, just going to say someone else joined us at this stop. Hands down one of the best weekends of my life!!!!

If you don’t know, Illenium is one of my favorites. I got to see them for the first time live! IT WAS SO GOOD!

Next day we enjoyed a little taste of the entire trip. Lamb from the sheep farm, wine from Landry, Nilgai from Texas all in Tennessee.

We bought one-day tickets to Bonnaroo. After looking at the lineup, I noticed Said the Sky was playing Saturday night. Another favorite, and we thought heck…. our bracelets say 4 days, we are right here… let’s try! And we just walked right over and got to see them live too! We were so close, and it was just as good as Illienuim!!!!

The next day we headed home, and I had to be able to back it in the final spot. Which for me I had to do to close this out for me. It took me three tries but I got it!

One more post is coming recapping the entire trip along! We didn’t take many pictures here. I was just fully engaged in the weekend and exactly where I was meant to be.

A couple of favorite songs we got to see live… because music is such a gateway to the soul.

Said the Sky: Emotion Sickness

Said the Sky and Illeniuem Together: Sad Songs & Walk Me Home

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