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Stop 4: Stephenville TX Ranch

This was our end spot and our furthest point! Leah was my old neighbor in Jasper. Some of you might remember her while she ran the North Georgia Escape business for a bit. Some people you just know you are meant to meet and we just get each other in depth and you know God put them in your life for reasons. I reached out to her about coming to visit and she was like come on!

Pulling in I didn’t really know what to expect. She had sent some photos and videos but until you pull in and see the landscape, you don’t get the magnitude and views. They have a 400-acre ranch with a true Texas vibe. The longhorns, the cattle, the horse barn, and not one guest house but two!

So we actually parked Axel for a bit and stayed in one of the guest houses! By this point honestly, it was such a nice break for Roman and me both!!! To have a little space and a change of pace! So so so grateful for her hospitality, friendship, and the memories we walked away with.

The only regret for every location was one more day. A day to just rest and be with nothing planned. Staying here though is where we got the true taste of Texas! Because pictures always say a lot…

The beautiful ranch!


Love that Leah took this photo! It was us just rolling up!

Where Axel was parked for a couple of days!


Roman got out of the camper so fast… lol… I think he was ready to have some space from his Mama. He was smiling ear to ear here!


I mean….. sunsets….

This is the main home on the property! So beautiful! And the views on the hill where this sits can’t even be described.

Night one we had dinner here and it was so good!

Then spent the evening exploring the property! OHHHHH and I saw road runner!!! No picture…lol because they are too dang fast!

Got To Work

The next morning she was working moving sand into the new stalls and I said let me help. She was persistent I didn’t. But come on. 1. I needed to sweat at this point 9 days in a camper with not working out. 2. It gave us time to catch up. 3. I could say I worked on a Texas Ranch now. 😉 Haha I kid… kinda. So enjoyed this!!!

Riley is amazing on a horse and does Rodeos I hope to see her perform one day live!

Exploring Stephenville

That afternoon we went to Fort Worth Stock Yards and hands down so amazing! The history, the shopping, and the experience!

Yes, I had to bring a pair of Texas boots back!

I also came across this diamond ring and got it. To remind me of this time and when I see I am reminded that beautiful things come from pressure because that is how diamonds are formed!

Also, a highlight was Roman eating cow balls. Apparently, they are called cattle fries out there and no way was I going to try! He ate one gaged the entire time and said no more! lol


We then spent the evening chasing the sunset and capturing the beauty! Photography was such a hobby I missed!

Again loved Leah capturing this! Me doing what I love!

How beautiful right?

Love you guys! Thank you again for hosting us and showing us Texas!

One of my favorite photos….

Roman I hope you never forget this trip with your Mama!


Bye Texas! On to the next stop which we didn’t plan or expect until this very day… stay tuned for the next stop!

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