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Vision Properties - 1926 Farmhouse

1926 Farmhouse – Behind The Scenes & Why

I really don’t even know where to start with this because it is something that has been over 6 months in the making of a story weaving. Of teaching patience, trust, and even letting go. That even if you let go of something that is meant for you, I do believe it will come back.

Next to my commercial property is a 1926 farmhouse. I have always been obsessed with it! It is this cute little yellow house with so much character, and the more layers that I peel back the more character it has!!! I also learned yesterday since it is a 1926 house, I need to expect for the unexpected (more on that soon).

The home and the land was rezoned to also be commercial, and I can’t explain it other than I knew that was my house. Not a house to move into, but it was just part of my journey. It was something I was meant to do and lay my hand on and think this could be commercial space for lease. The bigger picture is it would add another acre to my commercial development giving me the ability to add another building and multiple other reasons that would lessen the cost on that development such as retention pond location and drain field lines. I can’t really explain it other than not only was the number there, but this house I knew without a shadow of doubt, was mine and I didn’t know how or why. But I decided to act….

I did research like a typical stalker! I found the homeowners, and realized who was living there were tenants. I literally drove to their house that was in a neighboring county with no plan, not even a business card, and knocked on their front door! We literally laughed so hard at closing because the wife said had I been home that door would have never been answered. He was so caught off guard. I said I was here to buy this house potentially, and I gave him the property tax bill. He was all confused and said, “Can I have your number and call you back”.

After some back and forth last year, it was under contract. I did an inspection to have a better idea of what I was getting with it being a 100-year-old home. Everyone I showed it too, terrified them a little because of its age. Layer in a couple of financial things that were transpiring, we negotiated again while in due diligence and an agreement could not be met. So I walked. I don’t know why, but it just didn’t feel right. Even though I knew it was for me, I just trusted that if it was truly meant to be it would come back to me.

Fast forward to the new year, I get an email out of nowhere. Okay, we will meet you at the number you desired. That was not the end of it. I had COVID and was not feeling well and for the commercial development we were already down that process a bit. A typography was already done among other things, so this meant having everyone come back out. I paused, and told him let me think about it. I had COVID and COVID brain is a real thing, but I had to basically go back through all my numbers again to reconsider. But I was at a place that I was seriously like do I go back down this road. I desired it, but I had to separate that desire from what makes sense, and I also had to get well and think with a clear head! We renegotiated and came to terms and it was back under contract once again!!! Every time a decision was made and unmade it changed everything. What my team was doing, where my energy was going, where we were working from. And to be honest I have not completely figured that all out. I can fix it up and lease it. It would be a perfect space for a lawyer, accountant, chiropractor, architect, builder… something of that nature. I know the “right” thing to do is to stick it on the market just as is for lease and locate a tenant and then offer renovations for their needs. But, I have not come to terms yet if that is what the right thing to do for me is. In the next two weeks I will be making a decision. Although I already broke ground on the other space, this would also be a fun space for THE START COMPANIES! I could host workshops out of here! YES IN PERSON training! Am I crazy?

I have learned with every decision is an opportunity cost as well, and I 100% know this is right! There were just so many little signs that I knew it was right. One, when I called the surveyor and told him about adding on the additional acre of land, he said no problem on that corner this never happens, but I can “sure up my math”. I am not sure what that means, but he basically had to go back out there. He never could complete it on my land for some reason and that never happens to him. So he had to send his team back out there again.

This home will be on the land I will be calling Vision Properties. As for that development, I am just trusting and stepping and continuing to calculate as I see fit both on timing for my life and the overall picture. Trusting answers and clarity will come with time and decisions will be made. This might help paint the picture because I am visual. Yellow is the raw commercial land. Red is the additional commercial land and circled is the 1926 home.

This week starts the demo! The main things to get done are floors, bathroom, and paint on the walls. It sure needs some cleanup on the outside: pressure washing, landscape, new gravel, etc. I figured since I am launching Start Knowing My Numbers Business as well, I can use this asset to teach. Sharing the how, why, and financial decisions behind it all. And authentically I am figuring out what exactly to do, how, and why now.

I have never restored anything so old and with so much character, I CANNOT WAIT! I also am a bit terrified if I must admit too! Take the home even out of the picture the land is what made it the right investment for me, so we will see where it all ends up!

For anyone that is struggling with letting go, I think about the things I have let go and from that surrender what has transpired. What passions have now been born, and new doors opened? Make no mistake, letting go and just trusting and stepping is still something I struggle with. We all want to desire safety in a plan, but I am equally learning to trust and be still and that there is beauty in the unexpected plan. So grateful and thanking God for the ability, and I hope through this all, I just do Him justice for His plan for my life. That my purpose and passion truly shines and hopefully impacts and teaches a long the way to better someone else’s life.

Yesterday I shared the outside, but here are some more images! And a peek on the inside with some details.

1926 Farmhouse Frontal View
1926 Farmhouse Left Side View
1926 Farmhouse Right Side View (our storage container is right next to this)

I am going to take you through the back door. 🙂

This is when you walk in through the back door of the 1926 Farmhouse! It takes you right into the laundry room and kitchen.

Then you have the kitchen.

1926 Farmhouse Kitchen

I could just snap pictures of all the details for days. But there is wood everywhere. SOLID wood.

1926 Farmhouse all original wood
1926 Farmhouse fireplace in the kitchen.

Then you go to the front room.

1926 Farmhouse view walking from the kitchen into the front room!

It use to have a working fireplace that was open in the kitchen and living room. But over the years the chimney got removed, roof patched and it was filled in unfortunately. Still really cool details remain though!

1926 Farmhouse main room when you enter the home.
1926 Farmhouse main living room fireplace.

Bedroom 1 aka office number 1.

1926 Farmhouse bedroom 1 that will be main office.

Bedroom #2.. aka office number 2.

1926 Farmhouse bedroom 2 that will become a second office space.

Bathroom. Only one bathroom.

1926 Farmhouse bathroom

Upstairs is the final bedroom/office/storage.

1926 Farmhouse bedroom 3 that is large enough for a bigger office or more storage.

Again yes I am half terrified but also exited. A lot to inspect, and check out now that we can get it down to the bones to figure out where we go from here!

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