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Wilderness Kids Room – August

I really wanted each of the boys to pick what they wanted in their own rooms. Environments make us feel, and I wanted them to feel at home, and I have to say this is one of my favorite rooms in the house.

August, my middle son, is my creative, smart, and tender soul. To be honest, I have had the hardest time relating to him as he grew up. I grew up in sports, so I pushed sports for him by coaching his basketball, sticking him in baseball, and all the things. I then realized over time it was not him. We shifted from baseball practices to piano practices and he continues to amaze, teach, and surprise me every day.

He is literally so smart (I can relate to that part…. I kid ;)), but he is smart beyond his years type of smart. Anyone that speaks to him says the same, and his teachers always say he needs to be in grades ahead. He loves science, music, cooking, animals, creative expression, and is a bit of a person that doesn’t need others to be happy. August really can stand on his own which is something I so admire. He is so particular too. At age 5, I make the boys make their beds to help teach responsibility in the morning. Some kids, I won’t name names, do the bare minimum. He makes it, folds all blankets, and pillows are perfect because that is what he likes.

Credits and Sources

Okay, enough about August, let’s see this room because I am obsessed. After all, it is so him! A mix of modern yet traditional elements that are just warm. And on the START blog, if you are curious about productivity hacks to get projects done easier, check it out.

Wall Color is : Sherwin Williams Breakwater
The bed is West Elm.
Side tables: West Elm
Blinds: Peachtree Blinds Curtains(local in Forsyth) are from Restoration Hardware Outlet
Comforter is: West Elm and pillows are collections of random places such as Target, society 6.
Table Lights: Restoration Hardware

More credits and sources are below.

I found the buffalo at a local mart. It was hand-made by an artist. It reminded me of August, and it was the perfect piece with all the mixed metals going on. One night we were going through Etsy, and August said, “I want that painting.” I wanted it to be on metal, so it could go on this frame and feel different, and the artist allowed me to do that.

Can we also talk about how awesome and huge is room is! It is upstairs and is a secondary master! He has a balcony overlooking the lake and all this amazing light pouring in. I would venture to say it is the best view in the home!

Yes, I am aware this wall art is still not done. It is on my punch list. On the left is more Original artwork. Adding color, texture, and a feeling of family with the three quirky owls together. On the right, below is the desk that Trevor built. Right now, we are using it for his piano, but we might move the piano to the hall. Another task to still get done. 🙂

Dresser, I found on Facebook Marketplace and someone just redid it. It is an older piece, but I loved the brass hardware! There was already so much stain and wood I loved bringing in the painted piece! And on the right is a better picture of that buffalo!

Those of you that follow closely, know I am involved with the company His work is amazing, and we might be testing some pieces to become artwork for the home. This piece for him and this space was perfect for August’s room!!! 🙂

Yep, I also painted the walls myself! We got new carpet up here a couple of months ago, but kept it warm and cozy!

And because before and afters help to see the difference. This was his room two years ago.

I hope this post inspires you. To mix and match. Be patient that it all takes time. Don’t just go black and white, but be open to the gray space too. Because there is beauty in grey as well. Yes, I am not just talking about the color of the walls. I originally didn’t want to put gray on the walls, but this is one of my favorite rooms, primarily because it is SO representing the beautiful soul he is.


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