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Sheep Farm in Alabama

This is what it is about!!! We are staying at a mix of Harvest Hosts (which is staying at someone’s home/business) and also campgrounds. At a Harvest Host, you get to be in someone’s environment/life/culture and learn! Allowing for an experience like no other. And in the campgrounds, you get community with others staying plus wash machines which I am looking for too! Ha! Plus you also get to meet other campers which is part of it too! I am doing both and also even have plans to see a friend while on the road too!!! That way we have a mix of experiences. While writing this we are three states over! WE ARE DOING THIS!!!!! And I am sharing whenever I feel like it. Roman is snoozing so I have some space to do my thing which is to write and share.

On day one I didn’t want to go too far. Keep in mind I have only ever driven the Airstream solo 1.2 miles. So when I came across HD Farm in Eastaboga, Alabama it was a perfect first stop. Henry was SUCH an amazing host and upon arriving, he noticed the hitch was off and without hesitation, he helped and was looking up the manual online. He had me take the hitch off and he had all the tools to get it to the right height. I didn’t realize what a difference it would make until I left him and made it to the next stop. Axel pulled so much better! I am mentioning that because this is what it is about and I am not doing this alone I realize. And I am just so grateful!

He teaches at Auburn University and he is an expert and is trained in soil. I am probably not saying this all right but he can analyze soil for livestock to make sure the livestock is getting what they need even during a drought season, he prepares the land to be right for the livestock. How cool is that? His own journey, lead him to buy this farm and bring it back to life years ago. He bought a camper for him and his wife to live in while they fixed up their home and redid it a couple of years ago. They added the hookups for themselves and then once that was done he decided to start hosting others to share the farm with them!!! I am so grateful for his journey and my own and for allowing our paths to cross!

Okay now to the sheep! I was geeking out listening and learning and even Roman was taking it all in! He has Katahdin Sheep which I had never seen before. A breed from Maine that allows for the sheep to naturally shed in the spring/summer. Then layer what Henry does for a living, these sheep are literally roaming the most beautiful and natural fields. Talking about organic and grass feed. I stacked my little Airstream full of meat as much as I could. You can also order and plan to continue ordering from them HERE. This is just me sharing just because!

We were talking and he said, “Okay, I know I am taking up too much of your evening, I am just a people person.” No, no THIS is what we are here for. It’s this experience to learn, to connect, and to get to know you and all things that encompass so I was OHHHH so grateful!! We explored for a bit and got to roam the fields, the creeks, and play around with the drone on the farm! Which you could tell Roman was having a blast!!!! We made a yummy fresh lamb dinner and tried really hard to not look out the window while we ate because they are so cute. The next day we explored local National parks and Falls thanks to Henry too! More on that soon! But for now here is a little glance of our amazing time in Alabama, meeting Henry, and staying on HD Sheep Farm!!!! So grateful for the opportunity to do this. To meet Henry, to learn, to stay here on this land, for the sheep and for the feeling I felt while here! Just free and so so grateful!!!!

The Crew this trip!

Roman’s drone footage! We have videos too! Will share more of that content when we can put it together!


One of my favorite pictures…… THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT!!!!!!! Looking out the window to God’s country!

Roman is happy here I promise. lol. And Henry I snapped this of you without telling you I hope that is okay. I think it’s these little moments that show people’s hearts. We are now a couple of states over and pulling more safely and easily because of your selfless help!

Henry had 4 dogs. Two labs were more personal pets. These two are the sheep dogs! They protect the sheep.

Just my heart can’t handle it.

If you are new here. 2009-2015 I was a professional photographer for my main job. I kinda forgot how much I missed photography and need it to be a part of my life! I just so enjoyed capturing!!!

And again Roman! 🙂


I could have just been lost here for days capturing the beauty and these images will be in my home somewhere!

I was sweating… It had been a long day… But I was so happy…. so yes I took a selfie to remind this girl to keep adventuring!!!! Then I got to check out the meat.

The fresh lamb chops we had!

I bought this polariod. Goal is to take a picture of every trip/location in this camper and leave it in the camper! So it is the camper collecting instant memories!

Again I sit here with such a grateful heart. We are doing this today! We travel again and more adventure lies ahead and I can’t wait!!! I plan to be back to visit Henry! My August would have loved to see the baby lambs so I for sure want to bring him back! Henry thank you again for sharing your land and life with us for a short time it was everything!

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