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Genetics – Ability to Detox

I really don’t even know where to start on this post. As it has taken about a week for all this to be absorbed. Due to being overprescribed that medicine and having an immune system response, I did full genetic testing and to be 100% honest I only understand a little bit of it what all I read! I am a very thorough person and when I got it I sat down and read the entire 58-page document and self-diagnosed myself with dying! 😉 I kid… okay only kinda kidding, but after talking to the doctor I am SO glad I did it and there is just so much irony or destiny because wait until you see what he said and my bodies biggest weak point was. AND here is the thing…. I now have the knowledge that I need to give my body what it needs!

Basically, in a nutshell, any gene that has a mutation or doesn’t work normally has a 1 next to it meaning you got one mutated gene from one parent and anything with 2 means you got both has a breakdown. I want to start with this and bullet point these statements to make it clear.

  • I was assured seeing these many numbers is actually not abnormal. Obviously in different areas for everyone but we ALL have different things in our genetic code.
  • When I first saw it I was a bit overwhelmed…. as maybe it is sometimes to just not know if ya know what I mean. But after knowing this for a week and following up, gosh I am I thankful I know ALL this. It gives me the knowledge I need to fuel my bodies with the correct food AND to make sure I supplement on my bodies weak points.
  • If everyone had this knowledge about their own genetic code. If everyone actually did preventative things instead of reacting what all could be prevented?

It is just unfortunate to me that health and wellness and nutrition is not taught mainstream. And I am talking nutrition, coping with emotions and just overall wellness both from and mental and physical perspective. I was self-taught and walked through valleys of struggle and pit bottoms before I made changes. What if it was just taught from a young age? Even my parents to this day make fun of the way I eat. And the way I eat I eat that way 80-85% of the time. Why? It is how I feel my best. When I moved in too my new house my Mom got me a house warming gift of snack for my kids. She said, “this is all stuff they love but you won’t buy.” (insert eye roll). And you know what she is right, I wouldn’t. I believe in moderation. I believe in slipping, but I believe in having a healthy baseline and my kids eat what I eat 95% of the time because they know no different and as a parent, I believe the best thing I can do for them is show and teach them this. I want them to see me take care of myself and eat the way I do and that is normal for them!

Someone asked me recently, “have you always been this healthy?” My answer, no and you could probably gather that from the paragraph above. I grew up with snacks at my disposable and Dr.Pepper in the fridge and I have great parents they just don’t know. The older I get the more I realize the delicacy of your body. Your wellness and health is the baseline to the extent of the life you live. And if you want to live it to the fullest I 100% believe you should focus on you and your health to optimize how you feel and function! Our country is reaction based. When there is a problem that is when we fix or address it instead of doing preventative.

OKAY, I could ramble about this forever. Here is a summary of the high level of my genetics. AND YOU TELL ME I am not the person I am with the resources that I have to have this come full circle to me!

After we reviewed it all and he started showing me the supplements and enzymes I should start taking I showed him STARTdetoxing Complete and the Probiotics. He grabbed the Complete sat there reading the back and he looked up and said, “where did you get this I have never seen this blend as you should be taking this daily. Really everyone should but especially you.” Which is the Essential system HERE!

First, I never tell people what I do out the gate especially Doctors that are specialists at what they do. I of course then told him, and he was a bit shocked. I told him I was taking three in the morning. He said, “instead take one at breakfast and one at dinner as that Glutathione levels I would like to be spread out. And I really love this organic mushroom blend.”

So yes, I was just prescribed a medicine that I had a part in creating! I called Dustin the pharmacist that had a part in formulating immediately. He said, “I know.”

The bottom line is our environmental factors are ALL exposing us to toxins, to metals, to chemicals, and to a million other things and our bodies are in overload. We have systems and genes and systems that our cells know what to do to get the “crap” out of our body that we are exposed too!

Alright ya still with me. You can read these in detail if you want that is why I decided to share this with you. But again just full circle and explains a lot and now I just now have the full knowledge of what my body needs. Yes, I treat my body like I am an athlete! Because I am… my sport is just life and living it to the fullest!

Gluten and dairy allergies. There you go. Which is why I avoid them!

This one…. in a nut shell I have to watch my oxalate consumption or otherwise I will get kidney stones and yep that is something I did have in the past! My Dad has also had them before! I will also be taking a enzyme to help me break down oxalates.
Read this one. Then read it again. My ability break down antioxidants. Then read the next one.
MY ABILITY TO DETOX!!! And I own a company called STARTdetoxing?!?! And Glutathione is the single most important element I should be taking and it is in STARTdetoxing Complete!
I eat a ton…. a ton of fermented foods. Kefir, sour kraut, Kombucha, etc and although it is very good for you containing natural probiotics, I now see when I do I need to take a histamine support. Again just more knowledge!

On top of that, I did a metal allergy test as I have a bit of a metal overload in my body that was found and currently this is the metals that I am reactive too. So I will be reaccessing things I put on my body. Ie. jewelry etc.

This is knowledge. Had I not been overprescribed. Had I not have walked the valleys of depth with my health that I did. Had I not… I could list out a million other scenarios I would not have this information on myself. I also would not be continuing to here the same thing over and over and OVER from multiple doctors about the importance of supplementing and giving your body the extra support it needs. The essentials kit was formulated by doctors and pharmacists but to yet again and just personally walk this journey and for it all to go full circle…. it just all didn’t happen for a reason. I just want to be a small voice that can open eyes to health and wellness and the importance of preventative health and nutrition before reacting which is what our country is set up for. Instead of it being called Healthcare it should be called Sickcare because we only go when there is a problem.

If you are still reading this article.

1. I am proud… thank you.

2. Know this is a good thing for me as I will be making simple switches and supplementing taking enzyme were needed to continue living my healthies best self to avoid potentially things down the road in my later years.

3. I am dang proud of STARTdetoxing and it has reignited my fire there and once again just confirmation we need more voices talking about this!

4. If you take nothing from this article take it that you have one body and one life and you are the single most important thing you should invest in! Take care of yourself. You are worth it. Mind, body, and spirit!



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