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Stop 2: Landry Vineyard

We booked a winery for two nights in Monroe, LA as we head more WEST. I tried to schedule a rest/explore day and make it more worth it for setting up. We also did not do full setups at all our stops on the one where we were staying for a couple of nights. One thing I did learn on this trip is driving is tiring and mentally exhausting and I will schedule more rest days where there is nothing on future trips. #learning This trip was all about learning, adventure, and exploring though so that is what we did!

Pulling into the winery I was so excited because I had never stayed at a winery like this! They had full hookups and as I pulled through the fields I was pumped then I turned the corner to see the spot. It was a full 90 degree back in AND it was pouring down rain and doubt started to seep in. There were 4 spots total and only one other camper there which for me I was happy about because more eyes meant more pressure. I pulled in and started the backing process which is not a quick thing with a double axle 30+ trailer.

After a couple of minutes a gentlemen from his camper came out and asked, “do you need any help?” I said, “an extra eye would be great.” Every campground we pulled in to it was literally people being so nice and offering to help but there also was a piece that also knows that it was because I was a female. A male counterpart wouldn’t also be getting asked to help so much but that is another thing. He said, “I don’t want to over step my boundaries but if you hop out I will back it in for you.” I look with a calm smile and said, “if there was ever a time I would take help it would not be now. I will sit here all night if I have two. It is how I learn.”

Two more pulls forwards and back and I got it!!! For me (and I think most people) you learn by doing so I knew I just needed the space without pressure to do it! Why did I tell you all of that because that is part of the journey and story and here learning to back at 90 degrees is where it clicked!

We got set up and spent the evening resting and cooking dinner! Every stop I tried to do something Roman would enjoy and want to do and then me. So for this trip, it was Duck Dynasty Headquarters for him and a wine tour and tasting for me the next day. Here is a visual for the camping spots!


See that back in!!! Also notice how wet and muddy everything was too! So that gravel and staying on it was my friend!

The next morning we headed out for lunch and headed to the Duck Commander. It was neat seeing all of it but it also was what it was. We got some goodies and kept on with our day!

I don’t do much alone. I can be in my environment and be alone and I actually love it. But going out and about I don’t know I don’t do it much anymore so Roman didn’t want to go so this was some time for me to forged some growth. Well I ended up chatting with the owners for a while! Hearing their story, where they started, how they started and what they plan to do in the future. Which for me is right up my alley! Pair that with some crackers, cheese, meat and wine and I am set!

I had the best time! Also met other neighbors that had pulled in. Roman flew his drone and we made a lamb dinner that evening on the grill from the prior stop!


It was all so peaceful!!! And we spent the evening capturing footage in the wine fields which was so fun!!! Cash also loved it!!!


I for sure know this will be a trip Roman will never forget!


Next stop… TEXAS!!! Crossing that state line was my goal but this for sure was a cool experience and now I want to own a winery one day… 🙂

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