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Stop 3: Waco, Texas

Texas was the next stop!!! My goal was to touch Texas, so I can’t really describe the feeling when we crossed the Texas line and I saw the odometer reach 1000 miles! Texas was somewhere I have never been. Everything is so big there and literally almost what feels like immediately, I felt the vast openness with the wind on the camper. Driving a camper is one thing, but learning to feel the sways of the wind wiping across was another thing that I had to adjust to rather quickly. Also in Texas, if you drive below 75, you are going slow. They literally have wide lanes even that are not on the highway so people can pass.

Crossing Texas State Line

Prior to crossing the Texas line though apparently Canes Chicken is a thing and it was all Roman kept talking about so we found a Canes chicken to experience it all fully. lol. I never eat this kinda stuff but I was all in living it all up. We spent a lot of time in the gas station so also I feel like that is part of the story with us.

Windmills were on the highway side and I even saw a big truck carrying one-up the highway which really gave impact to the vast size.


Waco was the next stop. For some of the trip, I planned out, for other parts I left my palms open and I literally booked this campground two hours before we arrived.

Any campground we booked at too we got spot 12. It was weird growing up I played sports and I was always number 12. Here we were spot 12 too.


The lake was down due to a drought in Texas but it was still beautiful to see. Roman planned to fish here but to be honest the wind… WAS ANOTHER LEVEL. Lol.



You better believe that while in Texas we visited the Silos. Here is my honest take on it. It was really cool to see. As an entrepreneur, I am so proud to see what this family has done for the community and developed. Hats off to them! But I almost scheduled two days for this and I am glad I only did one day. It was Roman’s least favorite. I made him go with me and in hindsight maybe I should have left him. lol but he will always remember the day his Mom made him go shopping with him.

Again I visit places and I see the branding and so much more and I was in awe of all of that!

At every stop, I wanted to bring home pieces of this trip. Whether it be wine from the winery, lamb, or pictures, but every stop I made a point to get something. Here I brought a sign home for the office, some gifts, and some hand-blown vases for the dining room!

Just things that inspired me.

I will take all of those plants please and thank you.

The one forced picture of his favorite day! 😉

I tried to find pockets of space for myself. Went on a long walk with Cash and came back and saw the camper being hugged by this tree. I don’t know what it was but after arriving in Waco I became emotional. Proud. My head became clearer. I haven’t spoken much about this, but there is a huge piece of this journey that was for me, and needing space and distance can provide clarity on a lot.

Just felt free and remember Cash being so happy so I was just so happy!


What I do not have a lot of pictures of is the people we met on the road. This doesn’t show her face so I feel fine to share it but what I didn’t realize is how many people and even other dogs we would meet. Evenings and mornings were spent talking and roaming around with others just being. This little girl was 6 months away from Silas. It made me miss the younger boys tremendously and I just felt called to connect and be there for whomever. That everything else could wait! A lot of meals on the road like this too! Just grilled up quick things that were so yummy!

The last night here was special. I journaled a lot on this trip and as I said found pockets and pieces for me. I don’t know what it was but I sat outside, watched this moon go down, and just sat alone for what felt like hours. Thinking, processing, praying, surrendering, and also just being proud. I was terrified for this trip and I think this moment is where I allowed myself maybe for the first time ever to be proud of myself!

All I know is again I want more adventures and sunsets and sunrises just like this adventuring and exploring! Grateful for the time in Waco!

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