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We had a photoshoot yesterday for the 2023 line so that means a deadline to get everything done. I actually thrive off deadlines, lists, closing gaps, and I LOVE checking things off the list. You think I am a co-founder of a planner company just because. It is because I thrive and even need it for direction! When they are done they are off my mind, and when so much is on my mind writing it down and having a plan is where change happens!! I have another post coming on the entire office/garage/warehouse space with the overall style and design information but I think these shelves deserve their own post. Because right when you walk in it, is the focus! It added so much interest and it really did complete the space! My favorite thing is I can use the shelves to represent things that move me. This is my new office and I can’t explain it other than I know that God has used all the seasons, all the lessons, and all the things to place me where He wants me. And I am so grateful for this space and have my palms open!

This is from a poplar tree and look how massive it is! Picked it up from a local sawmill and we had to be very patient with letting it dry out completely. We are going to be doing a couple more projects with this wood! When I say “us” on the other projects… I really mean Trevor. lol.

Process of cutting the wood at the sawmill

I then sanded it on the top and bottom for hours! I kept some of the raw bark colors on the raw edge to add color and interest but on the top and bottom I sanded out all the saw marks to make it smooth and show the grain. Trevor cut the massive slab in half with some help and made two shelves that were 113 inches long and he made it happen by getting it hung up and secure!

Our photoshoot was Monday and we finished hanging this Sunday at 9:15pm! Did I mention I thrive off deadlines?

It seriously changed the room and completed the space and made all the difference! Can you tell I am obsessed? Maybe because we both did it. Maybe because it is raw, imperfect, and yet perfect. Here is the wall beforehand and after! Look at the details of that wood and shelf!

LOVE, love, love! The shelf styling will likely change over time and that is the beauty of it too! If you look closely you might spy a 2023 planner and even a new product coming soon!

It just added the perfect touch of warmth and interest and I couldn’t love it more! More on the overall space sooon!!!! If you want to see a little more of it coming to life you can see the reel HERE!

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