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START’s New Office

SOOOOOOOO excited and grateful to be in the new office! We had a photoshoot a couple of months ago for our 2023 planner line so that meant we had a deadline to get everything done. I actually thrive off deadlines, and lists and love closing gaps and checking things off the list. I can’t explain it other than I know that God has used all the seasons, all the lessons, all the things to place me where He wants me. So to have a title that says new office is done is so satisfying for me to type! Keep in mind it is days/months of planning, budgeting, dealing with contractors, doing and all the things!

Here’s where we started

This project helped me learn to truly trust the process and that in the end, it will all be so worth it. Due to covid, everything took way longer than expected, but I am a huge believer that it all happens for a reason and some things are just out of our control. Below you can really see the potential and it had me so giddy. Roman took this really cool aerial shot with the drone!

Where we are now

I have to say a huge thanks to Deanna for keeping the operations of STARTbrands at bay while in transition. Thea for the overall design. Gene for architect and floor plan to match the look and feel of the main residence. Taylor for helping me decide on all the small details and decisions of the design. And Trevor for closing all the gaps and literally putting the nail in the fin. This new office would not be what it is without all these hands on deck. Grateful for you all.

I can’t explain it other than I know that God has used all the seasons, lessons, and things to place me where He wants me. Feeling very blessed to be in this new office where not only myself, but the entire START team can feel productive and aligned.

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