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Lumberjack Birthday Party: Silas Turns One!

How is my baby already ONE!!! It seems like yesterday he was just coming home from the hospital. He is honestly SUCH a JOY and has the BEST personality. Here are a couple things about him. Favorite thing is to be with anyone. My other boys were really attached to me but Silas is attached to daddy and his brothers as well. He just loved being held and engaged with. He walked sooner than Roman and August and was walking by 11 months. His favorite food right now is muffins, eggs, and green beans but that boy doesn’t turn down much food. He can say Mama and Dada, likes to wave bye and clap for himself.

For his birthday we did a lumberjack birthday party theme…. anything woodsy, flannel, animals, and had to do with a tree logger. It was so much fun!  Here are some details photos of the party!

Found the invitation on Etsy HERE. And printed the card and envelope by Black River Imaging. I just love that they can do custom envelopes liners and the card is printed on color thick. So it was super thick and sturdy and made a statement.


I just used white paper to cover to the table. It made it perfect for the kids…. it also made it really easy to clean up! 🙂


Found this template on Esty for all these fun template for the party. I didn’t need everything in the set but it was perfect for the hats, the coloring pages, food tents labels. Easy way for a party to look custom without a lot of effort. Yay for other creatives!


We made some of the hats girls and others boys by moving the bow to a bowtie.


Found the wood silverware on Amazon, buffalo plaid napkins on zazzle, and kraft looking food holders on Amazon to hold the BBQ.


Lush Cakery did the amazing cake! Everyone LOVED it and his little initials were the perfect touch!


The living room setup…


Deserts, Popcorn, and Party Favors.

All of the food I named after Logging Terms that I found on the good ole internet! It was neat for everyone to read what they were eating. For instance the coleslaw was Beaver Bait…. which is trash logs and debris. Pretzels were Cold Deck… “a pile of stored logs which will be moved at a later date.” 2016-03-02_0047

Vanilla cupcakes, creme chesse icing, with graham cracker sprinkles. Publix made these! 🙂 Quick and easy!


Silas Watch Me Grow Pictures 1 -12 months.


Popcorn! I bought this popcorn machine 5 years ago and for parties we have used it sooo much!


Roman’s birthday is less than two weeks from Silas. This year we are going on a trip for his birthday but I let him pick the cupcake out so while family was here we could sing to him as well. I attempted these myself and although it was a mess and my perfectionist ways were twitching I think they turned out perfect. These are just chocolate cupcakes, marsh-mellow fluff, with graham crackers sprinkled on. Stick in oven broil for about a minute. Pull out and stick to Hershey’s in to garnish it. 2016-03-02_0051

Food spread…. ughhh I mean Spike Table.






And now some pictures from the party and of the birthday boy! 

His buddy Tucker. Older by 8 days. 2016-03-02_0020

Wild man… I really think he thought it was his birthday again. Kid cracks me up! 2016-03-02_0021

Roman… how are you almost 8.



Loves him some BBQ. 2016-03-02_0024

One of his little buddies Canon.




8 candles in his Smores cupcake to sing to Roman! 

My turn!

“wait you are going to stick it in front of me.”

He cracks me up an doesn’t like to get dirty like his Mama. 🙂2016-03-02_0032

Even after taking a bit he just wanted it gone because he was getting dirty! 2016-03-02_0033

Present time! 2016-03-02_0034

Or I should say chaos time. Love this picture and it encompasses how busy it was!



Take 20 and we finally got a picture of Silas and his two little buds. 2016-03-02_0037

We love you Silas! Can’t believe you are already a year old!!! Happy Birthday sweet boy! 2016-03-02_0038

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