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Mom of Three Boys

When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked, I mean we talked about it but we also knew fertility was a route we were going to have to go. I made three appointments on different occasions to see the specialist and every time life happened and it was pushed off and buried to the side with life taking priority. I really thought that was our answer that it just wasn’t meant to be. What our hearts didn’t know was that Silas was our missing piece to join our crazy bunch. When I found out I was having another boy everyone seemed bummed. I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant it would be another boy so I was not surprised or disappointed in the least bit. Then this is all I heard. “Bless your heart.” “Wew three kids is tough.” “Well now you are outnumbered.” “Will you try for a girl?” “You poor thing.” Part of me wants to smack them with a crazy stick… and ask them do they hear themselves, and the other part of me just wants to sit in silence and just know that I am one of the luckiest girls out there. And yes I typically stick to the latter of the two. 😉

To all my moms of three boys… or to my mom that has two boys and is thinking about having a third here are a couple things I have learned.

• Stages: First and foremost three kids is a juggling act, but you know what so is one and two. There is no getting around it that having a baby is a lot of work and can be tough a huge adjustment to your life, from working, to family dynamic, adjustment for siblings, your marriage, etc. The baby stage requires a lot of hands on, and really no matter if this is your first, second, or fifth child. I remember when I went out to eat when we had just one child I thought eating out was a momental experience. Now I see people out with one and and I sit in envy at the parents rotating back in forth tending to the baby. Word to the Moms with more than one kid! 😉 I give a bite to the three year old, cut up chicken for the seven year old, get the older two to stop arguing, try to entertain the baby to keep the screams to minimal decimals… and yes eat in between all that somehow. (or inhale rather) 😉

With ALL three boys, yes you will probably not be able to eat with both hands, your food might be cold, and yes the floor might look like we threw a mini party once your three old gets done eating. BUT guess what….. I have three healthy crazy boys. And the to the lady giving me crazy eyes like I should take my kids outside… no you should(actually you better) turn yourself back around, eat your food with both hands in a timely manner, and go on about your day. 🙂 No parent is ever just sitting there not trying. Yes this stage is a lot of work and is hard. That is just it. This is a stage of life… stages pass. And trust me next time we eat out I will be pulling this up and reading this myself.

Picture below is of Roman at the beginning of the month at Disney! 🙂

• 3 Kids You Are Outnumbered: Yes, with three kids the parents are outnumbered, yes mine are all at different stages and have different wants and needs, but with THREE you have three different personalities, little lives to watch grow, shape and develop them into who they will be…. you have three heads to kiss, hearts to love on, and I thank God daily that I am allowed to be a parent and they are three healthy boys. It is crazy and yes being honest harder than I ever expected, but we are lucky to be outnumbered. It will be crazy for a couple years(or ten)…. but you know what I like crazy! 🙂

Below is Go Pro picture from Typhoon lagoon with the older two. More disney pictures and info coming soon to the blog!

• ALL Boys. To the people that say bless your heart on having all boys. Ummm do you know how much boys love their Mama’s? I feel like a princess and I feel oh so lucky to have three boys! Speaking of which… we also just went to Disney World and guess what???? I DID NOT WAIT IN THAT Elsa line! Word! Since I only have boys I actually feel like they get more of their parents focusing on their wants/needs. We don’t have to worry about the princesses at Disney, the makeup, the drama(okay check that one boys have drama too), the ballerina. We will just be filling our time with a lot of sports, activities, and Superheros. So instead of dividing our days up at Disney we got to focus just on boy activities!

I had the younger two the other night alone while the oldest was at baseball practice so I did snapped a couple pictures… I mean this picture right here melts me. The all love each other sooo much!!!

I want to them to stay little… I also want to go to the bathroom alone. It is such a paradox. 😉

And for anyone that says boys are not dramatic… Ummmm look at that face! 😉 I just pray that I can raise three Godly men that are driven, generous, and happy! Thank God daily for this life and our health.

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