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My Space: Master Bedroom Lakehome

Beginning of this year, I knew I needed to focus on myself more. This meant making many decisions in other areas allowing space for me and allowing space for what is in alignment with me.

I told myself that if I closed the residential land deal, I would do a bedroom. Literally, at the closing table, they said what is next, and for the first time, I said I don’t know. I have been closing and rolling and to the next, but I could feel this distinct pull to pause for a minute. A decision that was not done lightly but one I knew I needed to. I told them I was pausing for a minute, and I was finishing my bedroom, going to build myself a desk, knocking out any remaining punch list items, and I am getting myself a new mattress, and it might just be the best damn mattress in there! I said it jokingly, but really behind that statement was me saying I need sleep and rest, and perhaps I thought a mattress would translate to helping me sleep.

For me, it was almost a symbol after 4 years of a lot of hustle and almost working in a place of survival that perhaps it was just that I made it, I can breathe, and perhaps that would allow sleep. I also know and realize it was changing a lot, and a mattress wouldn’t be the answer. So after going on 3 years of being at the lake home, everything was really “done,” but my bedroom was never really a focus, so I started shifting to taking care of myself more. Instead of doing all for all, it was intentional focus and fun! My personality is to make sure everyone else is good, and at times I don’t see my tank running dry. So I was just in a place of realizing I needed to take care of myself! Do me! I finished it a couple of months ago and I just wanted to share!

The bedroom was a collection of furniture and pieces that never really fit the room or space. It just worked. I did get the dresser that fit the space when I moved here, but nothing else was done, so I made a list. The bed I had was covering up the windows, and the light couldn’t pour in. So I gave Roman my bed and mattress and found my way back to the floor to decide and build back from the ground up, which started with this bed from Joss and Main so the light could pour in.

I knew I wanted a bright space and something with color that felt strong but also warm, inviting, and a touch of feminity.

I am so so happy with how it turned out!

Here is the Master Bedroom!!! Colors that make me happy. Things that represent me and what I want in my life.

I came across an original Art painting at Scotts Antique Mart, and I was immediately drawn to it. It was my piece. Abby was with me, and she asked if I was sure it was a desert. I said yes, I am sure those mountains feel strong, the cactus is not alone, and even though it is a desert, there is warmth and color.

On the painting was saguaro cactus, and I looked it up, and the meaning was, “It expresses the idea of standing tall, adapting to the environment, and providing shelter and nourishment for others. It has stature and authority and holds a grandfatherly type of wisdom.” My biological grandfather resides in Arizona, and I feel like my life has been learning to stand tall and adapt, so I immediately knew this was the piece I wanted to see every day, and it would always mean a lot to me.

I love plants as you all know. They add softness, color, and life to a room.

I love stones I don’t talk about them much, but I have them throughout my home for reasons, and perhaps I make another post on this. But next to my bed sits a polychrome Jasper, and also to hold my rings is flourite.

Sheets I wanted color! I will so I went Ettitude bedding! Soft, breathable and bamboo.

The dresser is perfect for the space. The one thing about the lake home is the closest are not huge so intentional space with storage was everything.

This rug I did get when I moved here, and it happens to be so perfect paired with the painting!

I am rooted in passion, and I came across this hand-carved statue at Scotts Antique Market, and I also knew I had to have it! On the left is a snake, aka prayer plant. And I decided to upgrade my TV to Samsung Framed TV!

Here are the Credits! The wall color is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.
– The rug is from Rejuvenation in the Price Blue.
– The Fan is the Brambling.
– Night Stands from Crate and Barrel the Keane
– The Dresser from Restoration Hardware.
– The blinds are custom from Peachtree Blinds. Lamps were Home Good Finds. Curtains are the target, and honestly, in the future, curtains and a new pillow for the center are the two things I still want to do!

The irony or not so much irony, my friend Abby was in the desert last week and couldn’t get over how many colors were out there and how alive she felt! I decided it was time for a little adventure myself, so I booked a flight to go see and hike and explore some desert myself! Do I think it is ironic, no I don’t, I think it was all just part of the plan, and I am so grateful for this space. The bedroom, the mentality, for this home and body where I finally feel at home. Just so much moving and working and all the things, I just am grateful and I can not wait to see some desert and for what is to come!


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