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Silas’s Soccer Room!

Silas didn’t have an opinion when we moved to the lake home on how he wanted to decorate his room, so I decorated it with fishing things… it felt “lake” appropriate, and we went with it! This past birthday while turning 8, he wanted two things which were a sleepover and a soccer room, and so that is what he did!

If you didn’t read my newsletter this past month(join the list), it was about him and soccer, and I have to say I am so proud of him! Yes, his birthday was February 25th, and it just took me two months to wrap it up! Everything is a process and to be honest, I feel like it is still not done! I want to print some pictures of him playing soccer with his teammates and stick them on the shelves and on the cabinet under the TV. And the cords under the TV also need to be hidden. But if we wait to get to that point of done or perfection, it will never get shared! So here is his soccer room!

We painted the shiplap wall Farrol and Ball Hague Blue. Which really cleaned and brightened the room up even though it is a darker wall! The walls are Benjamin Moore Simply White in Matte, and the trim and doors are Benjamin Moore Satin in Simple White.

I LOVE the way it came out, though! He can grow with this room, eventually taking off the soccer ball sheets! Have to say thank you to Taylor for helping me pull all the details together!

The fan is Home Depot. Soccer Sheets and Eddie Bauer Comforter are both from Amazon!
Red Desk Chair is Amazon Art Leon, and the Loren rug is also Amazon! Blinds are Peachtree Blinds.
Soccer Sign and was an Etsy Find (side note I want to hang it up; I leaned it for the picture, lol).
The soccer wall art is vintage templates I found on Etsy. I then ordered them on metal wall art with Black River Imaging. Each of them is a 16×20. Then the soccer wall art I found on and added the perfect little pop of red. The hanging lights were from an old room I did for Roman, so I just repurposed them, and I love how they brought out a cool industrial feel!
The bed is from Restoration Hardware. The desk is West Elm and the Industrial Cabinet is Restoration Hardware Outlet.

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