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Vision Properties - 1926 Farmhouse

The 1926 Farmhouse – Vision Properties

WE DONE!!!!!! I am so excited to share this! A project that was truly a labor of love! You guys have seen me rehab quite a few homes at this point, but this one…. was, well, truly, a beast of its own! When I rehab, I leave no stone unturned(pun intended on this one!), and being honest, being 1926… it was just another level of learning and detail!

To think, though, that I almost made the decision to tear it down. As an investor, you weigh options and just being transparent… this is commercial land… it was a question of what can be done with that footprint of land differently. I had two different spreadsheets.
Option 1: This home goes, and I add another commercial building.
Option 2: I rehab it. Restore. Give it life again.
Could a building that is more efficient in floorplan and all the things serve a long-term investment better? Long story short, my heart won, and little by little, I started chipping away at this piece of history in a county that I grew up in and love so much. Knowing I needed to restore it with that little voice inside of me. The walls, the floors, this home tells a story, and I think the overall VISION of this space this home will be the heart of it! This home is Part of Vision Properties 1926.

Here it is!!!! Thank you to Brittany Sweat for capturing this home so beautifully through images!

And you guys…. here are some before and afters! I could cry, and this just makes me so proud!

Front view!

Left side!

Right Side

Back and backyard.

If you have followed me for a while, you know I am the daughter of a stone mason (Mark Gayton Stone). So I love stone wherever I can put it! I used it as the walkway, wrapped the foundation in a new layer of stone, and then created this firepit. This boulder firepit is the perfect place to connect, create and just be! I envision a lot of connecting happening here!

Obsessed with this door! It is a Dutch door! Had it custom done and found the perfect starlight to bring some charm! My touches of modern with the 6700 Numbers. Repaired the porches, stained, and painted the home! New roof and gutters!

The home originally had a porch swing but it was well… not in great shape. At my lake home, I did a day bed/swing, and I love it so much that we knew this is exactly what the farmhouse needed to bring more curb appeal. Lanier Bed Swings once again built the perfect one.

While I was brainstorming ideas for the farmhouse, I wanted to make sure there were plenty of different spaces and environments for people to work and relax not only on the inside but outside too! Create pockets throughout the property for people to enjoy. Firepit, outside tables, swings, porches… I am someone that loves outside and prefers it whenever I can be!

Paul with Live Oaks Landscapes knocked it out of the park with the landscape! Giving it charm but selecting plants/flowers that would blend with all the features. I love it so much, and it truly is what made all the difference!

The back porch and roof of it were in bad shape, so we demoed that and restored the foundation! New gutters and honestly there is so much new not shown in pictures!

Here are some snapshots of the inside if you are new here you can see more on the blog posts here too!
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Want to end this long blog post with this… Because perhaps this is the message you were meant to read. I met with a mentor of mine yesterday curating future plans and recapping on what has been done. Although I do business coaching know I also have people that push me! And it is a necessary thing for me.
1. I don’t believe in luck … I do believe the harder you work, the luckier you get. Something we both shared sentiment on. I don’t own so many companies because I was bored. It is honestly because something was going wrong in an area and I had to figure it out and hustle in another area. It is from a lot of work and some of it even driven by fear while other parts were pure inspiration.
2. This home and so much of my journey I can’t take credit for. People. Circumstances. That I leaned on. That helped. That gave me their talent and heart. That gave me the courage. That connected me with the right person. That told me yes. That even told me things like no, you shouldn’t, or you can’t, and I thought… okayyyy I will show you. Perhaps this is the “luck” part, but I happen to believe it was someone else curating my story on parts I didn’t or couldn’t see. It is a mix of faith which is acting and trusting and taking steps where you don’t see and continue stepping and figuring it out! But my journey, not just this home, I can’t take credit for.
3. I believe we all have purposes. I drove by this home many times, and I just had this voice that I was meant to have the home. Left a couple of letters in the mailbox with no response. I looked it up and realized the owner was in Buford. I printed out the tax document, got in my car, and drove. I showed up on his front porch with this document and with an offer to purchase the home. I am literally laughing right now, thinking about it. His face… he was like… “Can you hold on one second? I am on a Zoom call for work.” After a process and even me walking away, deciding it was not for me… I acquired the home. I think we all callings. Little voices. And I try hard to choose to be the person that gets in her car and goes. Figures it out. I might sit down. I might cry. I might stop. I might sit in confusion and be disappointed and walk away, but I have learned it is a process of realizing we have to listen to those voices and be open, going against the grain, doing the scary, and eventually, perhaps, we find our way. It is also the journey isn’t it, not just the destination. And if something is meant for you, it won’t pass you. Who knows how long I have earthside but I do hope this is what my kids remember of me. That mom was someone that got in the car and went and perhaps when they are faced with a question of what they do they go on with the things their heart tells them to!

Perhaps I just see and feel a little of me in this home, which is why I am so proud it is restored!

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10

Thanks for following along, friends. Over the years. Allowing me to share pieces of myself. This home is part of Vision Properties 1926 and more is coming soon!

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