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Vision Properties - 1926 Farmhouse

New Office Bold and Functional

Since I wanted this new office space to feel as creative as possible, I wanted the main office to be bold! I also built my dang desk! That is going to get a blog post in and of itself HERE. One that I will probably never do again but one that I am also obsessed with and so glad I did!

I feel alive in this space. I feel powerful, and every space here has been carefully curated to be a part of the experience.

Paint Color

Let’s first talk overarching.
Keeping the original hardwood floors, I decided to go bold and dark on the walls. So many people tried to talk me out of it, and I went to the store. Even the guy at the paint said I should sample it first. Some things I think you should sample, but nope. I was doing it. I went all in, and I don’t regret it at all! The wall color is Townsend Harbor Brown by Benjamin Moore.

Sources of Details

My desk space! Obsessed with how it turned out!! A rug to ground the space for my desk.
Rug – 5×7 Target Rug
My desk – Click to read more
Office Chair – West Elm Chair
Light – Anthropologie Light
White Media Cabinet

More Details

Behind the desk, I wanted it to be strong and represent things I love.
1. A powerful quote by Steve Jobs.
2. Real Aries are ram horns. They are born to lead it is there to remind me to keep leading.
3. And a clock to remind me that time is all we got to make sure to live it authentically and fully and deeply. It’s also known as my pet clock because I have to take care of it by turning a knob.

You will also find plants throughout this home. I love plants. In addition to softening the space, it brings greenery and life!

Here is another angle that leads into office number 2.

I am obsessed with this chair. I saw it and had to have it. Generally, not someone that goes so feminine, but let’s call it where I am in my life—channeling that feminine side, but still wanting to be bold and strong. I love the birds, and this painting I found at Scotts Antique Market was perfect to compliment the vibe. I love two cranes because we all do it together, and I love looking at the softness of all that while I work!
Chair – Judarn Chair

The Other Desk

The other angle! Another desk for Taylor or whoever is working in there so it can be a collaborative and creative space! The coat hanger in the corner was a local antique store find! I found this art over a year ago! I had it saved, and I think it was waiting on me! Art is open to interpretation, but I see darkness and light, and I think we must learn to harness both and even create from them that is OUR power.

You will notice the wood door entering is original. I did update the closet doors and changed them to solid wood doors to match.

Below are just more angles!

Here is BEFORE!!!!

Before and After!

One more angle!

Perhaps I just love transformation myself. Of spaces and souls. I am so excited and honored to get to create in this space! SOOOOO in love with it and couldn’t be more proud and excited!

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