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The Living Room of Change

A space to teach, connect, relax, and even work in a different environment, either alone or collectively! I call this room of change. It brings together the old and the new, and everything in this space was carefully selected to portray change.
This is the room where we uncovered the original hardwood floors hiding under the carpet! I can’t explain it, but from the floors to the cast iron stove, you sit in here, and you just feel alive. Knowing that for over 100 years, this has been a place for stories, love, growth, and fellowship. Everyone that walks in the door, I want them to feel the vibe! And yes, if you have been following for a while, you probably recognize a lot of this stuff! The couch, chairs, table, and rug are all from my lake house! I got something new over there and instinctively knew this would be so perfect for this quaintness and warmth desired for this space! So many details in this room that I am covering in this blog if you want to know more details or hear a little more of the why on all the things. No detail was overlooked!


More Details & Links

The wall color is Alabaster Sherwin Williams. Trim is Accessible Beige.
The couch is honestly 3 years old now and no longer available, but here is a similar one.
– Here are similar chairs.
– The rug was from Rejuvenation.

– The fan is linked HERE.
– The center table I found at Scotts Antique Market is three heart pines growing together I got it to symbolize originally my three boys.
– The Cabinet- Would you believe me if I said I found it at Home Goods. It is solid wood! And so perfect. It is the room for a change I have read so many books, and in there is a collection to reference for whoever needs them!
– The Light is an old telescope. Symbolizing how we look and have to find our way.
– The painting is circa 1930, and an original piece that I found at an antique market on the back of it is the story of it.
– The front door was a Dutch door that I had the Liquidators custom build. I wanted it to be cool and different. Originally, there was not much light in this room, so this door brought in more light and allows us to work with the breeze flowing in!
– I also found this COOL globe. The globe is made out of stones. It is so beautiful, but once again just the navigation, finding your way, and the world we really do have at our fingertips. We have the ability to build and create the life we want.

The True Meaning

This space is about change. Change is hard. Change is scary. Three of the biggest things I’ve learned in this life are being broken, being heart broke, and failing, and I have felt all those deeply, and I think for reasons. Change is hard for us all and we all need help navigating it.

I just know that instinctively in my bones, this is going to be a space to meet people. See people. Create change. Create healing. Hopefully, for another 100 years, there will be stories being told and more fellowship happening.

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